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Sunday, March 31, 2024



(Left: Tony Cox)

A close and intimate hour with one of South Africa's finest guitar players, Tony Cox.

 He sends this message to all his supporters:


"Those of you who have stuck with me all these years and have helped me to endure through all the hard times, are and have been and I hope will be, my life's blood supply to my love of live performance. I'm here to say the deepest, heartfelt thank you and play for you all. In fact, every Sunday evening.

I now live in the UK where the bookings are incredibly slim and these Sunday sessions give me a great deal of joy to just simply play, which is what I am meant to do on this earth.

The reason why I don't get to play much in the UK is because almost all of my time is taken up with teaching. The pursuit of bookings for festivals, events, clubs, venues is a full-time job which I no longer have the time for. On top of that, here in the UK, you only get booked if those peeps see you in action with their own eyes.

So the Sunday Night Sessions were born again (they used to be Monday during the pandemic) where I get to play the music I love, say howzit to folks I know and love from around the world, tell a few tales, keep my chops sharp and in the process also maybe earn a buck or 2.

These sessions are free to all but if you stop by to listen, I do ask you to consider making a donation of any size whatsoever.”

The next session will be tonight (March 31) at 18h30/UK … 19h30/SA


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