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Friday, April 26, 2024


Join in building The Bridge

Taking a cue from the legendary lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel, many Christians in greater Durban will be working together in Building a Bridge (over Troubled Waters) in the lead up to the May elections, by extending the theme of this year’s Diakonia Good Friday Service, which is “Challenging Indifference”, and using this as a departure point to contemplate these vital few weeks ahead.

There is a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between Good Friday (Fri March 29) and the SA elections (Weds May 29) by creating a virtual pilgrimage throughout the suburbs of Durban. This period is a time when people will be anxious about the electoral process and also thinking about how to vote.

On each of the Mondays until May 27, a set of video material will be published online to help Christians engage in a prayerful way with the election process. The process comes live on Monday April 22. To access the material, one needs to join the private The Bridge WhatsApp channel (none of the members of the group can either see or communicate with each other)

People are invited to ‘tune in’ live at 18h00 every Monday to join together in prayer; and then they can continue to access the material throughout the week. The project has been spearheaded by the Denis Hurley Centre, Diakonia Council of Churches and Christian churches in and around Durban.

On WhatsApp click “updates” then “channels” and search for “the Bridge.”