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Sunday, May 26, 2024



The Durban Theatre community is excited to announce the second annual family-friendly 031 Theatre Festival to take place at the Seabrooke’s Theatre at DHS on June 7, 8 and 9, 2024.

First losing her husband and then her mother in the space of a year has put Marie in a position she never imagined she would be in. Feeling invisible and desperate, her only hope, it seems, is to find herself a rich husband. She’ll also need to make a few changes in order to attract said rich man. Can mutton really be dressed up as lamb? So, you want to be a trophy wife? is a hilarious and critically-acclaimed one-woman show produced by Faeron Wheeler of F Creations written and performed by Sue Diepeveen and directed by Wynne Bredenkamp and Greg Karvellas.

Yesterday’s Hero, written and performed by Ovation winner Patrick Kenny, is a hilarious one-man comedy about the ups and downs of being almost famous! It is directed by multi-award-winning comedian Aaron McIlroy.

Perennial favourites Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert return to the 031 Festival with their hit musical comedy, Mr and Mrs Normal. Billed as an ‘all-you-can-eat comedy buffet’, Mr & Mrs Normal is a zany musical smorgasbord that caters for all theatrical tastes. You’ll get to revel in some sizzling new characters, as they rub shoulders with those old favourites, you’d feel cheated to miss. Interspersed with show-stopping musical hits, this laugh-out-loud comedy is directed and choreographed by theatre whizz Daisy Spencer.

The hilarious and extremely thought-provoking one-hander, A Vegan Killed my Marriage, starring Aaron McIlroy is written and directed by the multi award-winning, Craig Freimond.

McIlroy plays James, a red-blooded, meat-eating South African male. He is fully aware of the consistent concerns about the meat industry’s role in the impending climate catastrophe. Out of the blue, he becomes a vegetarian, not realising how unwelcome this change and his newfound fanaticism will be in his meat-eating home.

A whimsical fantasy wrapped up in a bubble of sincerity encompasses the must-see Adventure of Who. Taking audiences on a journey of self-discovery, Adventure of Who follows the story of a child on a magical quest to find a name. This warm-hearted solo show written and performed by Kaylee McIlroy and directed by multi-award winning Aaron McIlroy is an absolute gem; a magical show for children (and adults) of all ages.

The Tower & the Tree, Patrick & Shannon Kenny’s multi-award-winning story is a wonderfully funny and thoroughly delightful modern fairy tale about love and friendship told through puppetry. Puppet design and direction by Peter Court.




Friday June 7:

18h00 - Trophy Wife - Adults R150 (Pensioners and students - R100)

20h00 - Yesterday’s Hero. - Adults R150 (Pensioners and students R100


Saturday June 8:

10h00 - Adventure of Who – Adults R100 (young children R75)

12h00 - Tower and the Tree - Adults R100 (young children R75)

14h00 - A Vegan Killed my Marriage - Adults R150 (Pensioners and students - R125)

18h00 - Yesterday’s Hero – Adults R150 (Pensioners and students R100)

20h00 - Trophy Wife - Adults - R150 (Pensioners and students - R100)


Sunday June 9:

10h00 - Adventure of Who - Adults R100, (young children R75)

12h00 - Tower and the Tree - Adults R100, (young children R75)

14h00 - Trophy Wife - Adults R150 (Pensioners and students - R100)

16h00 - Yesterday’s Hero - Adults R150 (Pensioners and students R100)

18h00 - Mr and Mrs Normal - Adults R165 (Pensioners and students R150)


Tickets through Webtickets.


Seabrooke’s Theatre is situated at Durban High School, 255 St. Thomas Road, 4001. Contact on 031 277 1500 or fax 031 277 1555 or visit