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Saturday, May 11, 2024



(Right: Ismail Mahomed. Pic supplied)

At the annual Kanna Awards, the Centre for Creative Arts Director, Ismail Mahomed, was awarded a Special Recognition Award by the Kanna Awards for his service on the Board of the ABSA KKNK Festival.

Mahomed has served on the board of the ABSA KKNK Festival for seven years and will be stepping down from the Board this year. 

In his acceptance speech, he said: “During my seven years I have been witness to how the ABSA KKNK festival has grown over the past 28 years from its conservative past to becoming one of the most progressively inclusive South African festivals where talent development is genuine and not a tickbox exercise; a place where the Board and Management work respectfully with each other by supporting each other; and a place where partners & funders work together collaboratively to support a common purpose and shared vision to anchor the growth of the arts”.

Mahomed received the Award alongside ABSA KKNK chairperson, Mr Crispin Sonn.

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