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Sunday, June 30, 2024


(Tony Cox, courtesy of Facebook)

Renowned guitarist Tony Cox is offering three guitar courses online for all levels:


These three guitar courses cover an immense amount of ground both in terms of technique and music genre. 

The beginner will tap into a rich vein they can follow across all three courses. This will give them months, if not years of riffs, licks, chord progressions, theory shots, funky grooves, folk picks and blues moves, to practise. 

The intermediate player will find a smorgasbord of new and challenging techniques to tackle and to grow into and the advanced player will find new harmonic, rhythmic and technical doors to explore.




COURSE 1: An Introduction to Fingerstyle

Cost: £30

Designed with beginners in mind, this course focuses on fingerstyle guitar playing. Tony provides close-up views of both left and right hands, teaching you the art of fingerstyle technique. The nine videos guide you through the basics and demonstrate how to apply these techniques to two great songs. Plus, the skills you acquire can be used in thousands of other songs, including your own compositions!


COURSE 2: Quick Licks with Tony Cox: Guitar Tricks in 30 Seconds

Cost: £25

In this series of 23 short videos, Tony delivers rapid lessons without any speech. Each lesson is played at normal tempo and then at half speed. The difficulty level is indicated, and tabs and music notation appear on the lower half of the screen. The topics covered are diverse and wide-ranging. Check out some of the intriguing titles:

E7 Blues Turnaround

A Folksy G/Sus Pattern Pick

A Cool Bluesy Riff

A Jumpy African Ditty

Hammer-ons and Pull-offs in an Alternative Tuning

Any student of the guitar is going to be busy here for quite some time.


COURSE 3: Tony's Daily Riff

Cost: £15

In 2019, I embarked on a project where I shared daily guitar lessons, each lasting between three to five minutes. Upon revisiting this collection, I've found that despite the inherent limitations of live-streamed recordings, these sessions retain a remarkable level of clarity and offer valuable insights for guitar learners of all levels. This series comprises 23 eclectic lessons, varying from the simplest to the most challenging. Beginners will discover ample material to delve into, advancing progressively to the intricate lessons. Within these concise videos lies a wealth of knowledge, potentially offering months or even years of learning.

The setup was modest, utilizing a LogiTek PC camera for visuals and a Samson G track pro mic for audio, without the reliance on sophisticated filming equipment or visual enhancements. To complement the video instruction, I've provided tablature and musical notation.

Take a look at some of the titles:

Riff 3 - Dominate that dominant

Riff 4 - A country lick in C major

Riff 5 - A minor pentatonic scale and bending notes

Riff 6 - A useful pick and swinging thumb

Riff 7 - Harmonise 1 note


Taken individually or collectively, the courses constitute a massive amount of guitar playing for an incredibly low cost. Dive right in and start to enhance your guitar skills. If you have any other requests or questions, feel free to write me at: