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Saturday, July 6, 2024

HIGHLIGHTS M-Net | M-Net Movies JULY 2024


*Please note that this line-up is subject to change*



Movie Of the Month

The Beekeeper

Sunday July 07 2024 at 20h05:

18VL | Action Thriller

A revenge-filled thriller driven by Jason Statham. A former operative of a powerful and clandestine organisation known as Beekeepers is on a brutal campaign for vengeance.


Anyone but You

Sunday July 14 2024 at 20h30:

18SNL. Romantic Comedy

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell star in this steamy romcom. After a great first date, Bea and Ben's attraction turns cold, until they're reunited at a destination wedding.


Silent Night

Sunday 21 July 2024 at 20h05

16VL | Action Crime | Trailer

Joel Kinnaman drives this powerful action movie. A grieving father enacts his long-awaited revenge against a ruthless gang on Christmas Eve.


The Dive

Sunday 28 July 2024 at 20h05

13L. Thriller Action

A terrifying deep-water thriller. Two sisters go diving at a remote location. One of the sisters is struck by a rock, leaving her trapped 28 meters below, fighting for her life.





Friday 05 July 2024 at 20h00

16VL. Action Crime

In this action movie, Aaron Eckhart takes on the criminal underworld. While investigating his partner's murder, an LAPD K-9 officer uncovers a vast conspiracy.



Friday 12 July 2024 at 20h00

16VL Comedy Drama

Oscar-winner Olivia Colman stars in this heartfelt dramedy. A solicitor's plan to offload her baby to her sister is derailed when a vulnerable, opinionated teen steals their taxi.


Nine Days

Friday 19 July 2024 at 20h00

16VL Fantasy Drama

A fantasy drama that challenges the mind. A reclusive man conducts a series of interviews with human souls for a chance to be born.


The Exorcist: Believer

Friday 26 July 2024 at 20h00

18VL  Horror

A terrifying sequel to the 1973 film about a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by a mysterious demonic entity. Her mother is forced to seek the help of two priests to save her.




Pick of the month

The Good Doctor

Monday 29 July 2024 at 19h00

S07 E01 - 13L - Medical Drama

Hard choices are made in this premiere. Shaun and Lea adjust to parenthood as they discuss Steve. As Shaun returns, his first case involves two baby patients who need the same heart.


Billy the Kid

Wednesday 03 July 2024 at 21h00

S02 E01 - 16VL -| Adventure Drama

Conflict is in the air in this premiere. The Lincoln County War is on the verge of kicking off. Billy has joined Englishman John Tunstall in his commercial battle with Major Murphy and the House.



Thursday 18 July 2024 at 21h00

S03 E01 - E13 - Fantasy Comedy

An enthralling premiere. Sam, Jay and the remaining ghosts unravel the mystery of which ghost passed into the afterlife. Also, Sam and Jay must relocate an owl in order to do construction on the barn.



Thursday 25 July 2024 at 19h00

S07 E01 - E16 - Crime Drama

An exhilarating season seven premiere. The team heads to Mexico to escort a fugitive back to the States when things go awry, and Hondo has to save an old witness tied to the case.


Law & Order

Friday 26 July 2024 at 19h00

S23 - E01 | E16 | - Crime Drama

A tension-filled season three premiere. In the wake of a murder on campus, the line between free speech and hate speech at a university is examined.


House of Gods

Monday 29 July 2024 at 20h00

S01 E01 |13VL| Drama Thriller

An enthralling premiere. An ambitious Iraqi Australian family grapples with newfound power and privilege when their charismatic patriarch is elected Head Cleric of The Messenger Mosque.





Thursday 11 July 2024 at 21h30

S01 EP08 | 18L | Comedy

The stakes are high in this finale. In the wake of a violent showdown, Sandy gives Danny an ultimatum: get legit or lose her - and their family.


The Equalizer

Friday 19 July 2024 at 19h00

S04 EP10 | E13 | Action Crime

An action-packed season finale. The team races against the clock after Mel is kidnapped by a member of her veteran support group and his older brother.



Monday 22 July 2024 at 19h00

S01 EP10 | E16 | Crime Drama

A thrilling finale. When an unlikable fashion photographer is murdered during a fashion show, Elsbeth and the team suspect the killer to be either the photographer's college ex, or her jealous husband.


Belgravia: The Next Chapter


S01 EP08 | 13L | Romantic Drama

A poignant finale. As Frederick grieves the loss of Clara, Enright receives a letter that pushes Frederick to confront his past. Meanwhile, Clara and Davison adapt to life in the North.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Friday 26 July 2024 at 22h05

S12 EP10 | 16SL | Comedy

A season finale filled with chaos. Larry finds himself back in Atlanta, where he meddles in Richard's romantic affairs and unveils a hidden truth about Cheryl.


Home Economics

Saturday 27 July 2024 at 18h30

S03 EP13 | E13 | Sitcom

An introspective season three finale. A natural disaster strikes, trapping the family under one roof and without power, leaving them to examine their own lives.


American Idol

19h00 | | S22 EP18 | PG13L | Music Competition

Ryan Seacrest hosts season 22 of the popular Emmy-winning reality singing competition with judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie returning.


The Bachelorette

22h00 | S20 EP09 | 13L | Reality

It's a crucial week in Fiji as Charity navigates Aaron's surprising return and introduces two men to her family. Later, Jesse Palmer sits down with Charity and her final three men.



Wednesday 31 July 2024 at 22h00

S02 EP08 | ER18 | Drama In this compelling season five finale, Lorraine makes a visit and Dot prepares biscuits.





Hollywood Hits



Monday 1 July 2024 at 13h40

PG13VL | Family

Melissa McCarthy and an amazing female cast drive this pulsating remake of the 80s classic. Manhattan is being invaded by ghosts and it’s up to a rag-tag team of woman to save it.


Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

Wednesday 3 July 2024 at 14h05

PG | Musical Comedy

Javier Bardem stars in this charming musical comedy based on a children's book series. A family moves into a new house, not realising that the house has a living, singing crocodile.



Thursday 4 July 2024 at 21h00

18VSNL | Drama

An ensemble cast drives this black comedy-drama. The film chronicles the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.


Ticket to Paradise

Tuesday 2 July 2024 at 19h15

13L | Romantic Comedy

George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunite in this delightful romcom. A divorced couple teams up to stop their lovestruck daughter from making the same mistake they once made.


Anyone but You

Sunday 28 July 2024 at 20h15

18SNL |Romantic Comedy

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell star in this steamy romcom. After a great first date, Bea and Ben's attraction turns cold, until they're reunited at a destination wedding.


How to Save The Immortal

Saturday 20 July 2024 at 12h41

PG13 | Animation Adventure

An epic animated adventure about Russia's fairytale villain. Forced to kidnap a girl, hardened bachelor Koschey embarks on an adventure that makes him a hero he never expected.



Saturday 27 July 2024 at 16h45

PG |Animation Adventure

A fun, exciting animation from the creators of Minions, Sing, and Despicable Me. Take flight into the thrill of the unknown with a family of ducks on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.



21h45| | 16SL | Comedy

A wedding gets turned on its head in this outrageously funny comedy. A rivalry between a maid of honour and a bridesmaid for the bride’s affection leads to all sorts of chaos.


The Honeymoon

Monday 29 July 2024 at 21h00

6SL | Romantic Comedy

The saying, 'two's company, three's a crowd', rings true in this funny comedy. A romantic honeymoon for a newlywed couple goes horribly wrong when the groom's best friend gatecrashes it.



M-Net Movies 2 (DStv Channel 106)




July Saturday 6 2024 at 20h00

PG13VL | Action Adventure

Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf bring the 80s cartoon hit to life in this action epic. A teenage boy is caught in the middle of an eternal struggle between two alien robot races.


Transformers: The Last Knight

Saturday 13 July 2024 at 20h00

13VL | Action Fantasy

Michael Bay returns for another instalment to the electrifying franchise. With the Autobots and Decepticons at war, the humans are forced to save the world themselves.


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Sunday 14 July 2024 at 17h18

13VL |Action Sci-Fi

Michael Bay’s larger-than-life franchise returns with more over-the-top action as a mechanic is thrust into a war between the Autobots, Decepticons and the Government.


Transformers: Dark of The Moon

Monday 15 July 2024 at 20h30

13VL |Action Adventure

The stakes are high in this instalment of the franchise as the Autobots and Decepticons race to retrieve a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the moon and learn its secrets.


Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen

Tuesday 16 July 2024 at 17h30

13VL |Action Adventure

Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox return for another action-packed Michael Bay film. Sam must help the Autobots fight an ancient threat sworn on returning to get their revenge.


Transformers: Rise of The Beasts

Wednesday 17 July 2024 at 20h00

13VL |Action Sci-Fi

Return to the world of Autobots vs Decepticons in this prequel. During the '90s, a new faction of Transformers, the Maximals, join the Autobots as allies in the battle for Earth.


Fast X

Friday 19 July 2024 at 17h40

13VL |Action Crime

The 10th instalment of this acclaimed blockbuster action franchise. Dom and his family confront their most lethal opponent yet - a terrifying threat from the shadows of the past.


The Beekeeper

Sunday 21 July 2024 at 20h30

18VL | Action Thriller

A revenge-filled thriller driven by Jason Statham. A former operative of a powerful and clandestine organisation known as Beekeepers is on a brutal campaign for vengeance.


Blue Beetle

Sunday 28 July 2024 at 15h40

13VL |Action Sci-Fi

A DC superhero action extravaganza. An alien scarab chooses Jaime Reyes to be its symbiotic host, bestowing him with a suit of armour, making him the superhero, the Blue Beetle.


Wire Room

Monday 29 July 2024 at 18h15

16VL |Action Thriller

Bruce Willis and Kevin Dillon star in this thriller. While on wire room duty, a federal agent listens as a hit squad attacks the target. Can he protect him from fifty miles away?



M-Net Movies 3 (DStv Channel 107)



21 Bridges

Thursday 4 2024 at 20h00

|16VL | Action Crime

The late, great Chadwick Boseman powers this crime thriller. As a detective leads a manhunt for two cop killers he is thrust into a massive and unexpected conspiracy.


Exit Wounds

Thursday 11 July 2024 at 20h00

16VSNL | Action Crime

Steven Seagal is a tough Detroit cop who doesn’t follow the rules. Chaos erupts after he’s assigned to an inner-city precinct and uncovers police corruption.



Sunday 14 July 2024 at 16h45

16VL | Action Thriller

A heart-stopping thriller starring Halle Berry who plays a mother who will stop at nothing to rescue her son who has been kidnapped right before her eyes.


Crazy Rich Asians

Sunday 21 July 2024 at 16h25

13L | Romantic Comedy

Contemporary and fun, this acclaimed rom-com sees native New Yorker Rachel Chu head to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s family – who, unbeknownst to her, are all super-rich elites.



Thursday 11 July 2024 at 21h42

18SL | Comedy 

A comedy that tells the story of two free-spirited stoners who, after smoking some topsecret pot created by the CIA in 1986, find themselves catapulted into 2016.


Father Figures

Tuesday 23 July 2024 at 21h40

16L | Comedy Adventure

Rip-roaring road trip comedy starring Owen Wilson and Ed Helms. Upon learning that their mother lied to them about their father, a pair of twin brothers decide to seek him out


Good Boys

Thursday 25 July 2024 at 21h45

16VSNL | Comedy Adventure

A funny adventure film about three curious sixth grade kids. A self-learning lesson on kissing leads Max and two of his friends on a wild adventure to recover his dad's drone.


Passenger 57

Sunday 28 July 2024 at 20h00

16VL | Action Thriller

This high-flying Wesley Snipes action film sees a security expert face off with a terrorist who hijacks a plane mid-flight.



Friday 5 July 2024 at 20h00

13V | Horror

Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez and Jon Voight star in this classic action-adventure. A crew of filmmakers meets a stranded man who forces them to join his quest to catch a deadly snake.


Anacondas: Hunt for The Blood Orchid

Friday 5 July 2024 at 20h23

13VL | Horror 

A chilling snake horror. A research team travel to the jungle to get a rare flower called the Blood Orchid, but giant man-eating snakes stand in their way.



M-Net Movies 4




Sunday 14 July 2024 at 20h00

16VNL | Crime Comedy

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller are adventurous, reckless young men who turn the arms industry inside out in this riveting film based on a true story.



Thursday 18 July 2024 at 20h30

16VL | Action Comedy

Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron lose their shirts for this hilarious reboot of the 90s TV classic. A veteran lifeguard and a new recruit clash as they attempt to stop a criminal plot.


Cold Pursuit

Sunday 7 July 2024 at 20h00

16VL | Action Crime

Liam Neeson is driven by revenge in this action thriller. A snowplough driver hunts down a group of drug dealers who killed his son.


Night School

Saturday 20 July 2024 at 21h35

16SL |Comedy

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish face off in this hilarious comedy. A group of misfit grown-ups are forced to take night classes to get their high school qualifications.



Sunday 7 July 2024 at 18h10

13VSL | Comedy Drama

Channing Tatum drives this heartfelt drama. A former Army Ranger and a military dog are paired against their will on the road trip to a fellow soldier's funeral.





Rush Hour

Friday 19 July 2024 at 18h50

13VL | Action Comedy

East meets West in this buddy cop film led by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Mismatched cops try to arrest a crime lord while trying to save the Chinese Consul's kidnapped daughter.


Rush Hour 2

Saturday 20 July 2024 at 20h00

13VNL | Action Comedy 

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return for a chaotic sequel. Carter and Lee head to Hong Kong for a well-earned vacation, but they somehow get involved with a counterfeit money scam.


Rush Hour 3

Sunday 21 July 2024 at 18h25

PG13VL | Action Comedy

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker reunite for another chaotic crime adventure. This time the duo travel to France to chase down a Triad assassin.