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Sunday, July 7, 2024



Steven Khoza’s exhibition of functional works will take place on July 13 at 12 noon at 400 Sydney Road.

The exhibition will be hosted by well-known sculptor Andries Botha and friends to celebrate a body of work made by Steven Khoza.

Steven Khoza explains: “In 2010, my life changed permanently due to a serious car accident. The extensive time spent in the ICU was just the beginning of a much longer journey.

“Despite the initial relief of recovery, complications soon followed, requiring additional surgery. A grave mistake during this procedure resulted in the loss of my sight, thrusting me into a new, unanticipated reality of blindness.

“The artwork I create embodies the struggle between hope and despair. While they may not be visible to me, I craft each piece as a representation of that tension, where the outcome is always the victory of hope. It’s not about portraying a fantastical battle but about reflecting the genuine human experience of overcoming life’s darkest moments.”

There will be a performance and artworks for sale.

Andries Botha comments: “I have known Steven Khoza for probably 15 years. I met him as a young fiery man, with an urgency that I hadn’t seen before, to create from almost an archetypal source, from within him.

“It is as if the sculptures he made became the only vehicle of language possible for him to describe his inner landscape.

“As a result of a tragic accident and medical accident, Steven lost his sight, despite this, it has not dimmed his fervour to keep creating, through feeling and touch as if his fingers are now his eyes. It is with a great deal of respect and admiration that I invite you to Steven’s exhibition.”


For more information, contact Jess on 072 891 2534