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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Durban-based writer and performer Clinton Marius turns his attention to radio with a new comedy, titled Lollipop Lane, to be broadcast on LotusFM.

“After the restrictions of writing for stage, where one considers set, costume and cast numbers, it’s a pleasure to branch out in a new and challenging direction,” says Clinton Marius. “LotusFM have made fantastic inroads into reintroducing radio drama to listeners, and I’ve had fun creating this comedy about the weird and whacky residents of a block of flats. It’s also such a treat to work under the direction of Caroline Smart, who has decades of experience in radio, both in front of the mike and behind the desk.”

Clinton Marius’s hilarious iLobolowon the Audience Prize at the 2007 NLDTF/PANSA Festival of Contemporary New Writing.

"I've worked with Clinton on a number of his stage productions, including the public reading of iLobolo,” says Caroline Smart. "He has quickly grasped the concept and subtleties needed for writing for the medium of radio drama and Lollipop Laneis highly entertaining. Although most of its characters are obviously drawn from the Indian community as it is being broadcast on LotusFM, the story is universal. I am sure it will attract new listeners to the station, particularly lovers of the much-lamented Springbok Radio."

Lollipop Lanefeatures a large cast of local talent, all with strong comedy skills - including Shika Budhoo, Pauline Dalais, Raeesa Abdul Karrim, Pranesh Maharaj, Ingrid Diener, Yasmin Seedat, Sheila Sithole, Mayuri Naidu, Ilasha Ramaloo, Sifiso Simamane, David Leibowitz, and veteran radio star, Tom Read.

Under the discerning eye of Head of Drama, Raeesa Mahomed, the LotusFM drama department produces up to 60 episodes of drama and comedy a month, creating work for many writers, performers and sound engineers.

“I am very pleased by the high standard of work that LotusFM has been receiving from local writers and actors,” says Raeesa Mahomed. “This allows us to continue the high standards in drama that we have become known for.”

Lollipop Laneis broadcast on LotusFM at 09h40 weekdays from July 7 until September 1.