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Sunday, August 10, 2008


WholebangShoot, South Africa’s premier online casting and talent management solution, has announced the launch of an innovative Facebook application which gives aspiring models, actors and characters the opportunity to load their profiles and be searched by top Talent Agencies.

WholeBangShoot is a CareerJunction company that is already showcasing over 30,000 of South Africa’s talent for the entertainment industry. “Although we have some of South Africa’s best talent on our WholeBangShoot database, our recently launched Wannabe application now gives prospective stars the opportunity to be searched on (and potentially signed) by Talent Agencies.” says Kris Jarzebowski, CEO of CareerJunction and WholeBangShoot.

As a complete casting solution, WholeBangShoot has been designed to allow casting directors, talent agencies, production companies and ad agencies to manage all their casting requirements easily and cost effectively from one central database. WholeBangShoot allows talent agencies the opportunity to manage and showcase their talent online, while companies with casting requirements have the opportunity to search the Talent database and in addition to this, work directly and simultaneously with the Agents on any casting projects. In this regard, WholeBangShoot is the only online service in the country that covers the entire casting process – from loading briefs and searching for talent all the way through to options, call-backs and generating contracts.

“Facebook is the largest social networking site in South Africa and is the perfect platform for Agencies to ‘scout’ talent”, says Jarzebowski. The Wannabe application allows users of Facebook to load their profile (basic information and photos) onto the WholeBangShoot database. WholeBangShoot then verifies the profiles after which it becomes searchable by registered Talent Agencies on the WholebangShoot web service. The Agents are able to search the Wannabe profiles and invite potential models, actors or characters to join their Agency. All communication is automated between the Agents on WholeBangShoot and the Wannabe users.

Another unique feature of this application is that Facebook users are able to vote for Wannabe profiles according to who they think could crack it as a model, actor or character. “We have included a leader board as part of the Wannabe application, so at any time users can view who the top rated profiles are in the categories of model, actor and character,” explains Jarzebowski.

The application works in three easy steps: Search and add the Wannabe application from your Facebook profile (if you have not already been invited by a friend); Complete your profile (basic information) and load your photos, and Wait for Agencies to discover and call you.

“CareerJunction is growing and we are excited to be tapping into a social utility as well known as Facebook and offer a fun, fast and rewarding service to Facebook users and Talent Agents alike. I’m positive that the application will achieve its goal of discovering new and true South African Talent”, says Jarzebowski.