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Monday, October 13, 2008


ENACT to premiere its latest production featuring Vivian Moodley.

ENACT will premiere it’s latest production, The High Cost Of Living, on October 22 at the Seabrooke Theatre, Durban High School in Musgrave. The one man show is written and directed by Hoosen Farouk Sayed and features seasoned actor Vivian Moodley performing a variety of roles.

The High Cost Of Living is a poignant, yet often humorous story of the Vellasamy family, as it traces their life-journey from their humble beginnings in the Tin Town shacks, to their arrival in an upmarket suburb.

Arumugam, a retired builder, and his wife Kamala have been persuaded by their son to sell their council-built home in which they’ve lived happily for over forty years. The son uses the money as a deposit for a new home in an upmarket suburb, which will accommodate his parents and his newly- wed bride.

The father, in particular, has great difficulty in adapting to today’s rapidly changing world. He finds it hard to adjust in the new neighbourhood and the familial relationship is continuously strained. He is constantly critical of the young couple’s consumptive lifestyle and their straying from traditional cultural values. They in turn resent what they perceive as his interference in their personal affairs and regard him as being old-fashioned. Acting as the story-teller, the father often reminisces of the ‘good old days of the past’.

The play also revolves around the relationship between the Vellasamy family and a formerly renowned playwright who is presently battling to earn a living, through his insistence of doing “meaningful plays.”

In addition to illustrating the effects of the socio-economic climate prevailing in the country, the play also examines the psychological and emotional trauma we experience whilst living in the bewildering pace that characterizes modern society. The play further attempts to highlight the erosion and loss of cultural identities, and the role of the electronic mass media in promoting a largely westernized, global culture in favour of the rapidly diminishing diversity of cultures.

Other issues tackled include the role and relevance of meaningful theatre in present day South Africa, and the ever-widening generational gap between the elderly and the increasingly technologically sophisticated youth.

Vivian Moodley is a veteran theatre personality having written, directed and performed in various productions, including radio, film, television and stand–up comedy. His most recent production was Devil in Disguise.

Hoosen Farouk Sayed makes a return to theatre after a 17-year absence. He initially worked with the Stable Theatre Workshop from 1976 to 1989 and is a founder member of Enact.

The High Cost Of Living runs from October 22 to November 2.Tickets R70 from Computicket, or by calling 084 552 4786. Organizations interested in using the production to raise funds, should call Vivian on 084 760 1096.