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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hamish Kyd appears at Suncoast with popular singing group.

Hamish Kyd will appear on Suncoast on October 17 and 18 as Professor Gopal accompanied by the popular singing group Zzzing!

Gopal is an eccentric who was born and raised in Tin-Town, before the floods. He now lives with his 80 year old Aunt Saris in Chatsworth. Although married, he is in hiding from his wife who he claims is the ugliest woman on earth. He relates many hilarious stories about growing up, courting and gambling at Greyville Racecourse.

Many of the stories revolve around his cousin Jamal. Gopal, a self-made Professor of Linguistics specializing in Durban English. Together with Aunt Saris, he has invented the Oxen Dictionary. His explanation of different pronunciations is hilarious. To him these explanations are very serious and he often cannot understand why the people are laughing. The show is filled with many stories which highlight topical issues in South Africa.

Tickets are R70 per person from the Box Office at the NuMetro Cinecentre at Suncoast.

For more information call Hamish Kyd on 072 798 8532