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Monday, October 27, 2008


(Pic: Cameron Platter work in progress!)

Cameron Platter exhibits at the KZNSA Gallery.

The KZNSA gallery is currently hosting Studio, a solo exhibition by Cameron Platter, composed for the Main, Mezzanine, and Electric Galleries.

The main gallery is recreated as a working sculpture studio, in which the public is invited and encouraged to participate. In this space, Platter and a team of sculptors work on, assemble, chop up and customize a large sculptural installation of carved wooden objects, collectively entitled Sculptures for New Living.

Ranging from a car (a mélange of a Ferrari, 4 x 4, and cash-in-transit van) to a jetski/ coffin/ cooler box, and a minibar/ ATM/ soundsystem, as well as other post-apocalyptic madmaxian objets de survival (pots, dustbins, sticks, gasoline cans, helmets…), the sculptures are works-in-progress of a work-in-progress. The installation will be supplemented, pared and retooled to suit its next venue.

In the Mezzanine and Electric Galleries, Platter shows new experimental drawing, video, ceramic and print works.

Over the last few years, he has focused on the basics, concentrating on handcrafting drawing, video, and sculptural works with meticulous attention, and above all, humour. Also on balancing artistic rigour with a return to childlike simplicity.

In this body of work Platter decodes stranger-than-fiction realities drawn from contemporary living. His off-the-wall, delinquent take on the world is the departure lounge for his fantastical works. Sex, politics, irony, satire, mortality, adulthood, economics and French champagne are noted in his new investigations.

Interaction between artists and viewers during the making process is a core element of this show. Instead of the usual opening night, the real action will take place at a finissage celebration on November 7, where some of the sculptural pieces will be put to work. (The ATM/ mini-bar to be DJ-ed by a friend; the Jetski/ coolerbox stocked with drinks; hors d’oeuvres served from ceramic works.)

Cameron Platter lives in Shaka’s Rock, KwaZulu-Natal and works from a studio in a sub-tropical forest. He has recently presented work at Art 39 Basel, and two solo shows in Vienna and Milan.

Studio runs until November 9, with the finissage celebration taking place on November 7 from 18h00 until late. More information on 031 277 1703, fax 031 201-8051 or email: or visit