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Monday, November 3, 2008


Singer-songwriter/producer/arranger/mentor and multi-instrumentalist dies at the age of 70.

Singer-songwriter/producer/arranger/mentor and multi-instrumentalist George Lee - and recipient of the Special Recognition award at this year’s Channel O Music Video Awards – died recently at the age of 70 at his home in Lorentzville..

“We are saddened by George Lee’s passing and would like to pass our condolences to his family and friends. It is a great loss to the industry and the people George inspired and touched with his great heart. We are glad that he had been told of his nomination before his passing but it is a pity that he won’t be there on the 9th of October to personally receive his award,” says Yolisa Phahle Channel O’s General Manager.

Born Kwame Narh Kojo Larnyoh, George Lee began his long career in the international music industry at the tender age of 18, when as a bandleader, he was selected to take his band on tour with Louis Armstrong during the jazz trumpeter/singer’s famed visit to Ghana in 1956.

As a horns arranger and session musician, George Lee often worked with the legendary Bob Marley in London and America.

His songs have been recorded by artists in many parts of the world including American Johnny Nash, South African Chris McGregor in France; and a range of singers from Ghanaians in Germany, to Nigerians in London, Americans in Canada and Mozambicans in South Africa.

An interesting fact known by few is that South African guitar superstar Jimmy Dludlu is a protégé of George Lee’s and as a teenager he spent 18 months living under George’s roof and mentorship in Swaziland.

Alongside his illustrious music career, George has also ventured into the world of film when he appeared as a performer/songwriter and producer in the Hollywood blockbuster A Good Man in Africa starring Sean Connery.