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Monday, November 3, 2008


Beautiful epic legendary Hindu myth for Courtyard Theatre.

The Mahabharata is a beautiful epic legendary Hindu myth, which tells mythological stories of creation, birth and death, and comes to the DUT’s Courtyard Theatre for a short three performance season from November 3 to 5.

Based on Extracts of the Mahabharata; adapted and translated by Peter Brook with Jean Clauch Carriere, the production is directed by Verne Rowin Munsamy. Loosely translated it refers to "The Political Story of the Human Race".

Brooks is quoted: “The Mahabharata, in its original Sanskrit probably the longest epic ever composed, embodies much of the essence of Indian culture. It uses Hindu deities, and their interaction with mankind to reveal the creation and the existence of man. The story involves epic incidents between two warring families, the Pandavas (essentially representing good) and the Kauravas (essentially representing evil).

Brook, in his watershed adaptation (first for stage, then for film), captures the essence of these stories. Stories of greed, vengeance, betrayal, gender equity, power struggles, clashes of class and myth are told in ways that captivates and inspires one as a reader, and when performed, the story evolves poetically.

“We as individuals should not stand idle when there are injustices in play,” explains Munsamy. “Silence is consent; our voices should be heard, breaking the silence in order to create a shift, change. Change is inevitable! Change should not come about through violent revolution. There are other ways, less destructive ways, to bring forth a change in existence. Weapons of mass destruction create more questions than solutions.

“As an individual we make choices in life, some good and some bad,” he continues. “These choices influence and are influenced by the individual that we are. We need to make choices that do not destroy. We should learn from the tales that are told in this story. Learn that it should not be repeated, although similar situations have arrived in our context, future incidences must be avoided.”

The Mahabharata is a project with DUT drama students and runs nightly at 18h30 from November 3 to 5 at Courtyard Theatre, Mansfield Road, DUT campus. Secure parking at Gate No. 4 opposite the Courtyard Theatre. Tickets R15 booked through Ronicka Sirputh on 031 373 2194.