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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Move over Masters Open contenders, and big league golfers – Aaron McIlroy’s back in town!

Aaron McIlroy, South Africa’s Master of Mirth, is due back again at the Heritage Theatre in Hillcrest in his all-new, one-man, laugh-a-line stage comedy, The Golfer.

Playing to packed houses around the country, Aaron sends the ball whizzing into orbit with a series of sketches unveiling life on and off the course. For those who missed it last time, now's the chance to meet up with Aaron’s alter ego, Truscott Price, that motivational guru of The Loser fame. Truscott now makes a major comeback as a sports psychologist … and The Secret has nothing on him.

Audiences also get to meet the archetypal golf widow, an expert in bedroom golf; the spandex-clad fashionista previewing his custom-made range for his A-list clientele, and the real-estate power pitcher with a hotline to the latest in politically correct golfing estates.

“The show’s all about living the dream”, says Aaron. “The mission is to promote the Reach for a Green Foundation, which works towards the emancipation of the working man.”

The show starts on January 27, and runs to March 1. Early booking is strongly advised on 031 765 4197 or online at