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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Pic: "Mother" mixed media work by Liz Speight

Exhibition of the work of Liz Speight, Hermine Spies Coleman, and Anni Wakerley

Under My Skin, an exhibition of the work of Liz Speight, Hermine Spies Coleman, and Anni Wakerley opens on January 24 at artSPACEdurban.

Liz Speight – The Ancestors: Part of who I am, and influencing the choices I make, is the legacy of my ancestors. Their stories lie under my story. I stand in the Present, with the Past behind me and confronting the Future. I am becoming an ancestor whose legacy will impact on the lives of my descendents.

Hermine Spies Coleman – Skin of dreams: Under my skin lurk dreams and possibilities of what I can be, can do and can experience. Under my skin lies the potential for experiencing the rest of my life. Decisions, self discovery, sub conscious and contact with the world, people and situations, past, present and future determine the outcome of this exhibition and my future.

Anni Wakerley - Skin of emotions: Very often, trauma survivors strive to appear normal on the outside, as if nothing has happened. Only when we get to the deeper levels do the hurt, the fragility and wounded-ness become apparent. My own artworks are made to deal with the way my work as a therapist gets 'under my skin'. Painting is a way of dealing with the pain I experience, and recovering my willingness to be bruised again and again in the process of my work. “… I dance the dance / of a woman free from scars and pain, / But remove the mask and I'm unrecognisable / even though I look the same. ((Driscoll, I. (1991). Extract from The rape poems).

Under My Skin runs at artSPACEdurban until February 14. More information on 031 312 0793.