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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Programme for 2009 Musho International Festival of One and Two Hander Theatre.

The Performing Arts Network of South Africa (PANSA) in KZN is currently hosting the fourth Musho International Theatre Festival of One and Two Person Theatre, at the Catalina Theatre and, for the first time, the BAT Centre Theatre in Durban from until January 18, 2009. (Watch this space for reviews from Maurice Kort and Shika Budhoo)

RAIN: (January 8 at 20h00 & January 9 at 18h00 - BAT Hall Theatre). A beautifully told story based on an ancient San myth, exploring the interaction between celestial and terrestrial beings, the power of nature, and the mysteries of heaven. Written by Mpume Mthombene, Sazi Dlamini, Wendy Nell and Gisele Turner. Directed by Gisele Turner and performed by Mpume Mthombene. Drama with music and puppets. (Age 12 and up)

WOMANHOOD: (January 9 at 20h00 & January 10 at 18h00 – Catalina Theatre) When can we claim the hood? Mary’s hilarious reflection on the journey from girlhood to womanhood, and all the moments of madness, heartbreak, hell, and life in-between. Written and performed by Mary Steward and directed by Emma Durden. Comedy. (Age 14 and up, especially great for women)

MY FATHER’S HAT: (January 9 at 20h00 and January 10 at 18h00 – BAT Hall Theatre) A comic look at three generations of men from one family living out their passionate hobby as stage magicians. Set against a backdrop of South Africa in the early 80’s, in the grip of political and economic sanctions, they try to survive in various ways, including magic and mayhem. Written and performed by Aldo Brincat and directed by Ayanda Khala. Physical theatre. (All ages)

IT’S NOT ME: (January 10 at 20h00 and Sunday 11 at 18h00 – Catalina Theatre) .The sins of the past carry over into the present as things that happened during the apartheid era stand in the way of romance and threaten to break a family apart. Written by the cast, with mentoring from Winston Ntshona and Maurice Podbrey. Directed by Zwai Mgijima, performed by Xolani Ngesi and Mongezi Ncwadi. Drama. (Age 12 and up)

WRAAKENGEL: (January 10 at 20h00 and January 11 at 14h00 – Bat Hall Theatre) A one-man thriller to the soundtrack of a live guitar. Barend Blydestroom is investigating the suicide of his betrothed in the small town of Roodeplaats, where strange events start to plague him. A tale of love and revenge. Expect the unexpected. Written by Sjaka Septembir and Floyed de Vaal. Directed by Sjaka Septembir. Performed by Floyed de Vaal and Gertjie Besselsen. Afrikaans physical theatre / horror. (Age 14 and up)

WOMEN WHO WAIT: (January 13 at 20h00 and January 14 at 20h00 – Bat Hall Theatre) A story of love, life and hope in times of hopelessness. Through the stories of four women we find the wisdom learnt through their journeys to inner peace. The play is written and performed by Zuki Vutela and directed by Vivian Moodley, featuring live music by Madala Kunene. Audio visual features Khwezi Ngwenya; Nosipho Ngwendu and Phumzile Mabunda. Drama / dance (Age 14 and up)

SOUNDS FROM HERE: (January 13 at 20h00 and January 14 at 20h00 – Catalina Theatre). The complex life of an Israeli Arab woman played out through intense physical theatre. The show is inspired by the archetypical Cassandra who was doomed to tell the truth but never to be believed. Created by Dorit Weintal. Performed by Rasha Jahshan. Supported by the Israeli Embassy and Tararam - The South African Israeli cultural fund. Physical theatre. (Age 16 and up)

BETWEEN CUP AND LIP: (January 15 at 20h00 and January 16 at 18h00 – Bat Hall Theatre). The exploration of Miriam and Kate’s relationship as domestic worker and employer. This gentle, poignant play explores the intricacies of learning to understand someone whose life experience is so different from one’s own, with all its unique tragedies and triumphs. Written by Kemble Elliot, directed by Yvette Hardie and performed by Frances Marek Slabolepszy and Ntomboxolo Mkhutshi. Drama. (Age 13 and up)

CONVERSATIONS WITH YOUR EX: (January 15 at 20h00 and January 16 at 18h00 – Catalina Theatre) A mother and daughter return from a family wedding sharing thoughts, memories, insights, philosophies and dreams about relationships – failed liaisons; unrequited love, dodgy affairs, future connections, and …secrets! Written by Gail Snyman, performed by Gail and Chantal Snyman. Comedy/drama. (Age 14 and up)

CELL NO. 4: (January 16 at 20h00 and January 17 at 18h00 – BAT Hall theatre) A fresh piece of work from Tsotsi’s Presley Chweneyagae. Set in a jail cell in Joburg’s Central Prison, ‘Sun City’, this is a tale of crime and hatred, as well as forgiveness, humanity and redemption. Written and directed by Presley Chweneyagae, performed by Segomotso Modise and Gaolathe Mathenyane. Drama. (Age 14 and up)

THE SEPIA SEAMSTRESS: (January 16 at 20h00 and January 17 at 18h00 – Catalina Theatre) The story of two Indian girls who end up on opposite sides of the spectrum and in love with the same man. A classic tale of traditional versus modern and the struggle for individual identity. Written by Mayuri Naidu, directed by Clinton Marius and performed by Mayuri Naidu and Kajal Maharaj. Drama / comedy. (Age 16 and up).

BIOGRAPHIES OF A BLUE MONKEY: (January 17 at 20h00 and January 18 at 14h00 – Bat Hall Theatre). A quirky exploration of the identity and self-acceptance of a young actress. With a lot of reference to monkeys. Written and directed by Jean van Elden, performed by Janna Ramos Violante. Comedy. (Age 13 and up)

GODS, FATE AND A LIBRARIAN: (January 17 at 20h00 and January 18 at 18h00 – Catalina Theatre). Fast-paced fun, inspired by stories unfolding on our continent and taking a lighter look at politics and religion. The story is essentially three parallel universes woven together which ultimately are all part of the same story: the Gods, the fates and humans. Written and performed by Haidee Crowe and Erica Glyn-Jones, directed by Michael Pierce. Comedy. (All ages)

13 Women Who Wait 20h00 BAT Hall Theatre
13 Sounds from Here 20h00 Catalina Theatre
14 Women Who Wait 20h00 BAT Hall Theatre
14 Sounds from Here 20h00 Catalina Theatre
15 Between Cup and Lip 20h00 BAT Hall Theatre
15 Conversations with your Ex 20h00 Catalina Theatre
16 Between Cup and Lip 18h00 BAT Hall Theatre
16 Cell No 4 20h00 BAT Hall Theatre
16 Conversations with your Ex 18h00 Catalina Theatre
16 The Sepia Seamstress 20h00 Catalina Theatre
17 Cell No 4 18h00 BAT Hall Theatre
17 The Sepia Seamstress 18h00 Catalina Theatre
17 Biographies of a Blue Monkey 20h00 BAT Hall Theatre
17 Gods, Fate and a Librarian 20h00 BAT Hall Theatre
18 Biographies of a Blue Monkey 14h00 BAT Hall Theatre
18 Gods, Fate and a Librarian 18h00 BAT Hall Theatre