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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Robert Lindsay and Zoë Wanamaker star in seventh series of successful family comedy on DStv.

Series 7 of My Family can be seen on BBC Entertainment on DStv’s Channel 120 from May 14 at 20h00

Robert Lindsay and Zoë Wanamaker star in the seventh series of this phenomenally successful family comedy featuring the misadventures of the dysfunctional Harper household.

In this series, Ben's ego is inflated when he is asked to be a sperm donor, only to be told that his sperm are 'too lazy'. Abi and Roger decide to marry, but when Abi has second thoughts on the big day some reassuring words from Susan finally persuade her to go through with it. And family tensions are exposed to an audience of millions during an appearance on The Weakest Link, featuring Anne Robinson as herself.

Alongside Robert Lindsay and Zoë Wanamaker as Ben and Susan Harper are Daniela Denby-Ashe as Janey Harper, Siobhan Hayes as Abi Harper and Gabriel Thompson as Michael Harper