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Monday, July 6, 2009


Dance work pulsates with passion, desire, jealousy, flirtatiousness and poignancy. (Review by Caroline Smart)

After experiencing Dada Masilo’s brilliant Romeo and Juliet last year, dance lovers have been eagerly awaiting her presentation for the 2009 National Arts Festival. Could she pull off another winner?

She sure did. Presented by The Dance Factory, Carmen pulsates with passion, desire, sexuality, jealousy, flirtatiousness and poignancy.

Dada Masilo is an extraordinary performer. Blessed with a remarkable mixture of humour, impressive dance skills, physical power and stamina, she makes the most frenetic movement appear fluid. Contorted gestures simply become abstract whereas in less skilful hands they could appear gauche and amateur.

Matching her considerable energy Gustin Makgeledisa, is a strong Don José and they don’t pull any punches in the hectic fight scene where Don José rapes Carmen!

Penny Ho Hin is a gentle luminous Michaela while Mpho Masilela impresses as Escamillio as do Bailey Snyman (The General) and Nicola Haskin.

Mention needs to be made of the costumes which were attractive and “dance-able”. As well as Suzette le Sueur and Dada Masilo’s lighting design.