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Monday, July 6, 2009


Beautiful day of sunshine – long may it continue! (Report from Caroline Smart in Grahamstown)

Today was a beautiful day of sunshine – wonderful for all the day trippers at the festival and great for the crafters in the Village Green which has now been re-located to its new position up African Street towards the Alec Mullins Hall.

I had planned to take the Village Green in before the media function at lunchtime but attendance was so good and parking at such a premium that I opted out and will try to cover it tomorrow or the next day.

A Lemontone production, Where the Rainbow Falls is written by Ismail Mahomed who is the new director of the festival. An acknowledged and respected theatre practitioner, he replaced stalwart Lynette Marais who retired last year but who is still helping with the massive organisation that an event like this requires.

Independently produced, the play is inspired by a true life macabre family drama that shocked South Africans in 2001 where it was discovered that a father had sired several children through his daughter. (review to follow shortly)