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Thursday, July 9, 2009


Raeesa Mahomed stars in film directed by author Naresh Veeran.

For Better For Worse is a delightful romantic comedy which tells the story of Anisa (Raeesa Mohamed), an ambitious 30 year-old lawyer. Due to past experiences, Anisa is wary of men but is being pressured by family and friends to get married. They decide to set her up with a few suitable men leading to disastrous consequences.

She meets the dates at a coffee shop. Zak (Simon Morgan), the owner of the coffee shop, is attracted to her but the two are at odds with each other. Then there is the mother obsessed with getting her daughter married, the father who is tolerant and would rather his daughter stayed at home, the brother who doesn't have a job and is involved in one scheme after another and the younger sister who is dreaming of being a Bollywood star and thinks studying is a waste of time. Add to the mix best friends who have issues of their own and a nosy neighbour and we have a recipe for an engaging film and a whole lot of fun.

Other cast include well-known personalities like Suria Govender, Afzal Khan, Kajal Bagwandeen, Eubulus Tracy and Juanita Leopardi. Ross Garland (Confessions of a Gambler, Big Fellas) is line producer and the film is directed by author Naresh Veeran, who makes his directorial debut here.

Besides being pure entertainment and a comedy (romantic comedy is an unusually refreshing genre for a South African film), For Better For Worse also showcases the Indian lifestyle and culture. It is also set and shot entirely in Durban and the film is a showcase for the city.

The film premieres at the Durban International Film festival and will be screened at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre on July 26 at 20h30 and Suncoast on August 1 at 18h00.

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