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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Show will leave you asking for more because of the wonderful work presented by the actors. (Review by Sifiso Sikhakhane)

Imaginary stage has brought to this year’s National Arts Festival, the award winning play for best script, best novice director and best actor at the 1997 AmFest, In The Blue Beaker. This absurd black comedy is written by Anton Kruger, which he is also co-directed with Natasha Lech. Kruger also plays the psychiatrist, Dr. Hemming Becker, along with Lech playing the role of Miss Malinska, and the hilarious Tristan Jacobs playing the role of the patient, Lubomir Kratky.

Lubomir Krakty is the troubled patient who seeks happiness in his life. He spends most of his time in Dr. Hemming Becker’s office because it excludes him from the harsh world and makes him feel safe; giving him hope that Dr. Becker can help him find that happiness by taking him to a place called Happy Vale which is a mental institution.

Becker, who encourages most of his patients to commit suicide, can be described as a greedy psychiatrist, concerned about making more money rather than the well-being of his patients. The contrast displayed between Becker and Lubomir is that Becker believes that Lubomir is not mentally disturbed, while Lubomir tries by all means to convince Becker that he is mentally disturbed and in doing so, he runs around Becker’s office, trying by all means to come up with acts which will make Becker agree to take him to Happy Vale.

This show will leave you asking for more because of the wonderful work presented by these actors on stage.

In The Blue Beaker is still showing at The Highlander until July 11 at 12h00 as one of the fringe programmes at this year’s festival. – Sifiso Sikhakhane