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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Grahamstown’s Highlander auditorium filled up with audience who waited eagerly to see the new hilarious comedy written by a young writer and director, Roshnee Guptar, who seems to be doing well in the industry thus far.

Having written plays such as Sleeping With The Boss and The Dare Date, this year she has written and directed Rock Bottom Blues for the National Arts Festival. Selecting a strong cast which consists of Nadine Joseph, Rosa Brandt and Zanne Solomon has contributed tremendously towards making this comedy a wonderful success.

The play deals with the life of a former actress, Isabelle, played by Solomon, along with Joseph as the alter ego. Isabelle boasts about the things she has done in her past, home wrecking and sleeping with her daughter’s fiancĂ©, which all seems to have been done for valid reasons in her eyes. The litter and liquor scattered around her house is a reflection of what Isabelle has become, which leads to her eviction from the house since she is unable to pay off a bank loan.

The use of an alter ego in the play was a great idea because it has contributed tremendously in bringing in the humour, which is aided by the high use of satire. The music composer is Danielle Alyssa Bowler.

If you are attending the festival, make sure that you see this show which will leave you in stitches. It is showing at The Highlander until July 11 at 22h00. - Sifiso Sikhakhane