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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


BBC Knowledge to screen drama featuring Princess Diana preceded by documentary on her two sons.

On August 19 at 22h30 on, BBC Knowledge (channel 251 on DStv) is to screen the drama, Diana: Last Days of a Princess.

It is August 1997, and Princess Diana is once more dominating headlines. Embracing romance and basking in luxury, her jet-set lifestyle is the stuff of fantasy.

One year after her divorce with Prince Charles, she has cast aside her official protection officers and is provoking anger with her campaign against landmines. Diana is living life to the full amid the constant glare of publicity, in the company of Dodi Al Fayed, son of international business tycoon Mohammed Al Fayed.

Accompanying the lovers from the palm trees of St Tropez to the sparkling streets of Paris, this powerful and emotive film reveals the key moments leading up to their deaths. As Diana seeks an elusive sense of freedom, and photographers chase the promise of instant riches, viewers will discover exactly how events on the night of August 31, 1997, tragically spiralled out of control.

Ten years after the fatal crash that stunned the world, interviews and compelling full-scale drama capture the final days of one of the 20th Century's greatest icons.

This drama will be preceded at 21h30 on August 19 by Prince William And Harry: Into The Future. Reluctantly inheriting a share of the extraordinary media attention which surrounded their mother, Princes William and Harry are better known to the world than any of their predecessors.

Prince William and Prince Harry: Into the Future explores the world of the young royals and their circle of friends. It examines their royal romances and asks whether these will endure the intense gaze of the media and the world’s press. Life in the celebrity fast lane has somehow modernised the Royal Family. By being seen in nightclubs as well as having day-to-day jobs in the armed forces, the princes are living a similar life to that of their future subjects, but how will they cope as they begin to take on more responsibility?