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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Invitations open to book a feature at this annual event.

The annual Durban International Blues Festival will take place from September 29 to October 4 at Wilson’s Wharf and this year, plans are afoot to expand the event with a world-class addition.

This year’s event is not to be missed. There are two free concerts per night on the Zack's Deck, a season at the Catalina Theatre, the international concert supported by three local bands, the Blues Heritage Summit and the addition of the Guinness Book of Records TM Largest Guitar Ensemble where the plan is to gather 2010 guitars on the peninsula at Wilson's Wharf.

“From July 2 to September 1, all featured bands at the Blues Train (which performs at Zack’s every Tuesday) will be entered into a competition for a slot at the 2009 Durban International Blues Festival,” says Programme Director Will Wallace.

To book a feature at the Blues Train or to join the weekly jam session, phone Robert van der Linde on 082 227 2780.

The Durban International Blues Festival stands on the threshold of becoming a truly recognized national and international festival. Cape Town and Johannesburg have clearly established themselves as the main Jazz Festivals of South Africa, (not in any way to undermine the MTN Jazz Festival on December 26) Splashy Fen, White Mountain and Oppi Koppi celebrate rock and blues music. Classical music in the region is taken care of by the KZN Philharmonic.

'We, as organizers of the event, have found a new niche sector that has been largely ignored but that has a growing following throughout South Africa,' adds co-director Tanya van Agthoven. “We also recognize the untapped market of potential blues musicians not only in our region but throughout the country and look forward to them taking advantage of the Blues Train opportunity.”