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Thursday, September 17, 2009


New and energetic concept for popular show.

Chalo Cinema 4, the latest stage extravaganza in the Chalo Cinema series is set to dazzle audiences with its new and energetic concept. This exciting show titled Fame Ke Liye … Kuch Bhi Karega! will be staged at the Playhouse Opera Theatre for a short run from October 1 to 4.

The Chalo Cinema 4 show is a “take” on the reality television programmes that search for singers, dancers and performers in front of a live studio audience and voting by the viewers. Popular TV shows like Indian Idol, Boogie Woogie, Strictly Come Dancing and Dance India Dance are incorporated into the stage production.

The contestants compete in various categories and the audience get to see exciting visuals of rehearsals, behind the scenes activity and preparation for the final rounds. We also take a peek at how far the contestants will go to gain fame! These hopefuls know it’s not an easy joyride but are willing to face rejection and criticism from the judges to mould themselves into the famed stars they want to be.

This “talent search” is expressed through spectacular dance rounds, latest hit songs of Bollywood, acting and, of course, great comedy! A wild card entry features a children’s scene in various roles and their ability to woo the judges.

Different styles of dance like Semi-Classical, Hip-Hop, Traditional Indian Folk, Latin American, Modern and Bollywood form part of the production.

Chalo Cinema 4 is designed to entertain across the ages and can be classed as a pure family entertainer. Elaborate costumes from India create a splendour of colour with sets designed in India and South Africa completes this visual spectacle. As the title states, Fame Ke Liye… Kuch Bhi Karega! - “I will do anything for fame!” will be unveiled in this buoyant two and a half-hour production. Featured artists include Afzal Khan, Kajal Bagwandeen, Pubern Padayachee, Rahul Brijnath, Varshan Sukhun and dancers of the Nateshwar Dance Company.

The production is directed by Smeetha Maharaj and choreographed by Rajesh Bidwe (India), and Varsha Sharma (South Africa). Production Director is Rakesh Maharaj. If the previous three Chalo Cinemas are any yardstick by which to measure this production, then the audience are in for a pleasant surprise as the bar has been raised for this show.

Chalo Cinema 4 runs for a limited season at the Playhouse Opera Theatre from October 1 to 4 with only six shows. Book at Computicket or call 083 915 8000.