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Sunday, September 13, 2009


(Pic: Dave Birch, Shanthan Pillay and Barry Thomson)

If Rock is your genre of music then I highly recommend this one for a trip down memory lane! (Review by Rosalie Howard)

I was invited to The Heritage Theatre last evening to see their current production Rock Legends. If 'Rock' is your genre of music, then I highly recommended this show for a trip down memory lane!

This musical production has been devised, produced and directed by Gary McKenzie. With the multi-talented Dawn Selby as musical director on the keys and backing vocals, Barry Thomson and Dave Birch on guitar, Mally Sewell on drums and Lloyd de Gier on bass with backing vocals, it should sell out as it did last night for the remainder of its run.

Rock Legends is a tribute to the world's greatest rock bands featuring classic hits presented by a top band with 'genuine raw, in-your-face rock attitude".

The show begins in the dark with silhouettes of the performers on stage 'winding up' their guitars and when the curtain opens, the musicians - with Shanthan Pillay up front - send out a passionate, energetic rendition of Queen's One Vision and Tie Your Mother Down. From this starting point, their energy levels remain high - particularly Shanthan Pillay who isn't encumbered with an instrument … and he moves!

Shanthan - who is up front for much of the show as the 'rocking tenor' - takes on a character reminiscent of 'Borat' and between medleys plays the part of MC, introducing each medley in an amusing manner with comical quips. While out of character for this particular show, it does create an ambience of fun and this is what this production is all about. Extremely professionally performed and thoroughly rehearsed, yet delightfully 'friendly'.

There is a lot of interaction between the musicians, particularly between the legendary “twins” - Barry Thomson and Dave Birch - who bring out the very best in each other - a "communication on strings". They are quite outstanding both vocally and instrumentally and their obvious enjoyment of what they do best is very infectious.

There are 28 songs in the ling-up, each one performed with guts, feeling and energy bringing back the best of Queen, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, AC-DC, Thin Lizzy (The Boys are Back in Town) and Bad Company, Eric Clapton, U2, The Who, Cream and Deep Purple.

Rock Legends runs until September 20. Tickets R190 Wednesday to Saturday at 19h00 (R165 on Tuesdays at 19h00 and Sundays at 12h30). Prices include this spectacular show and a sumptuous two-course meal for which The Heritage Theatre is renowned. Bookings on 031 765 4197 or For corporate bookings, speak to Zelda at the theatre. - Rosalie Howard