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Sunday, October 4, 2009


“Star Trek” star tells the untold story of Earth.

Patrick Stewart of Star Trek: Next Generation fame will take South Africa on an unprecedented journey around the world with EARTH, showing parts of the planet never before captured on film – exclusively at Ster-Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau Theatres.

This striking new film is a unique celebration of the beauty of our planet, reminding us of the delicate fragility of where we live. Ster-Kinekor also partnered with the WorldWide Fund for Nature (WWF) for the South African release of EARTH,” said Laurika Du Bois, Head of Marketing & Communications: WWF South Africa. “We at the WWF have been anxiously looking forward to the release of EARTH in SA. The film presents a great opportunity for us to also lend our voice to the messages the film conveys in an exciting new way; giving cinema-goers a wealth of information about our precious planet, without becoming too serious or technical, and also presenting a visually spectacular, accessible film for kids and families to enjoy. We will also be linking our ‘Vote Earth’ campaign to the WWF preview screenings of the film

EARTH is a new BBC Worldwide / Greenlight Media-feature film that follows three animal families as they migrate across the planet, with Patrick Stewart as narrator. It was five years in production, filmed in 200 locations featuring 26 countries in the final movie, including unseen parts of the Sahara desert in Africa. 40 specialist crews shot thousands of hours of footage, including 250 days of aerial photography!

Using the sun as a guide, we set out on a truly global journey with EARTH. On the way, we meet three mothers struggling to bring up their young. In the Arctic, a polar bear family awakens to the first sunlight of spring. Will they find food before the ice on which they live melts? Half a world away, in the heat of the Kalahari, an elephant mother and her calf find water after a danger-filled trek across the desert. But they must share the pool with a pride of lions. Will their uneasy truce last? For the final leg of the journey, we follow a humpback whale mother. She must keep her calf safe on their 3,700 mile migration from the equator to Antarctica. And so life on earth goes on. Since the beginning of time, it is a story that’s played out billions of times a day, 365 days a year, as the earth moves through the seasons, every living creature bending to the power of the sun.

No film has ever captured the epic scope of the drama of an entire planet, yet told it with heart-breaking and heart-warming intimacy of real animal characters. Until now…