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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Despite being offensive to some, the show has brilliant choreography and is very well done. (Review by Sifiso Sikhakhane)

It does not make sense for parents to bring their children to the Football Football production and then constantly tell them to close their eyes whenever a sex or nudity scene takes place. These kids become embarrassed, let alone traumatized, by what is before them. Despite the audience members who kept on walking in and out of the venue and the constant chuckles and murmuring due to embarrassment, Football Football is a well-presented production.

The people occupied the seats at Alec Mullins Hall, patiently awaiting the shocking production which had almost everyone talking in Grahamstown.

Football Football, written and directed by Haris Pasovic explores through dance, theatre, video and technology the art of football. The strict rules meet chaos; geometry meets the wildly free movements in this simple game. What many humans describe as divine is - at the same time- the most accessible practice in the world.

Consisting of a one-man band and ten other men from Italy, Singapore, Bosnia and Slovenia who dominate the stage with fights and celebrations, this show explores disappointments, tears, anger and betrayals. Despite all the sorrows, there is forgiveness and a re-union, all in the name of football.

Highlights of the show which still have people talking are the scenes where a woman gets raped and when one of the men pleads for sexual intercourse from another man. A few seemed disgusted by that, even though those are the very highlights which drove them to want to see the show.

What I found intriguing was the brilliant choreography by Koen Augustijnen, where he turned a soccer game into a dance.

At some stage I did feel as if the show was a bit too long but that does not deny the fact that it was very well done.

Football Football was presented at the National Arts Festival main programme by East West Theatre Company and Singapore Arts Festival in partnership with Les Ballets C de la B and Flota. – Sifiso Sikhakhane