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Monday, August 16, 2010


Running at Windermere Centre until the end of August is an amazing exhibition of school art.

The schools involved are Berea Primary; Clarence Primary; Clifton School; Durban Girls College; DPHS, Embury – Wonderland Schools; Gordon Road Girls School; Morningside Primary and Penzance Primary. Works in a number of mediums include makarapas, the inevitable vuvuzela and the use of fabric.

Acclaimed Durban visual artist Andrew Verster was highly impressed with the works on show. “There are obviously some very good teachers around,” he says, “Such a change from the days way way back when I did some examining of teachers. It is not just that these kids could turn into artists themselves, but, as in all things, by doing, you become an insider and thus able to enjoy other peoples' creations.

“It is really enjoyable and inspiring - particularly some very clever improvisations on Henry Vlll and the Mona Lisa.”