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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Three episodes of award-winning drama on BBC Entertainment from August 9 to 11.

From August 9 to 11 at 20h30, BBC Entertainment (channel 120 on DStv) will screening three episodes of Wallander, continuing every day at 20h30.

Set in Sweden, this award-winning drama once again features Kenneth Branagh in the role of Kurt Wallander and is based on the novels by Henning Mankell. These stories follow Kurt Wallander, a sensitive but brilliant detective – a man who takes each murder case he works on personally and will stop at nothing in his search for the truth, even at the expense of his health and his family life.

In Faceless Killers, an elderly man is brutally murdered and his wife left to die – a noose around her neck. Wallander arrives in time to hear her last word – ‘foreigners’. Suspicion soon falls on the local migrant community, creating a tense situation which starts to spiral out of control when a killer seeks revenge for the death of the elderly couple.

In The Man Who Smiled, Wallander has decided to quit the police force for good. When an old friend comes to him with concerns over the death of his father, Wallander says he can’t help. But when his friend is also found dead, shot three times, Wallander regrets his decision and returns to work on what may be a double murder case.

In The Fifth Woman Wallander investigates a series of savage murders. A poet is impaled on bamboo spikes, a local shop owner is starved and then strangled. The only connection – the men were violent and unlikeable and the killer made sure they suffered. Wallander must discover the connection between these crimes if he is to stop a serial killer from striking again.

Beautifully filmed, Wallander is a compelling series featuring an extremely likeable and entirely believable character and bold, powerful stories. Also featuring Sarah Smart as Anne-Brit Hoglund, Jeany Spark as Linda Wallander, Tom Hiddleston as Martinsson and David Warner as Povel Wallander