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Sunday, May 29, 2011


(Xolisa Dlamini)

Nonhlanhla Wanda and Xolisa Dlamini will appear at the BAT Centre’s Harbour Jazz Café for one performance only on June 3.

The two recorded Afro Jazz musicians are working together to host performances in the city of Durban where they be working with undeveloped bands. The younger performers will gain the opportunity of setting the stage for main acts featuring artists such as Xolisa. Both women have previously worked together alongside other Durban divas to stage concerts such as the Women in Power Concert (2009); and Women In Concert (2010) where Siphokazi was a guest artist.

In 2011, both artists insist that it is important for the established artists work together to set an example and to create a platform for upcoming artists to grow. In this regard, both musicians plan to host performances in the city of Durban such as the One Night @ the BAT Centre concept.

“Durban is one of the leading tourist destinations in South Africa,” says Wanda, “if the recorded artists do not take the lead in organising performances then no one will”. It is true that the avid Jazz listeners are composed of a mature audience that is currently starved of home-grown entertainment. With the recent passing of music greats such as Busi Mhlongo, Zim Nqawana and Syd Kitchen and whole list of other gems, we stand to lose a lose a lot if we do not make use of our opportunities.”

One Night @ the BAT Centre featuring Nonhlanhla Wanda and Xolisa Dlamini will take place at 18h00 on June 3 at the Harbour Jazz Café, BAT Centre. Admission R50