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Friday, May 13, 2011


This tribute is sent by Rosemary Dickens from USCAA

The Upper South Coast Art Association mourns the loss of its Chairman and Our Capitain (as Alan was known) of our Club. A wonderful man who will be hard to replace, and missed by all.

Three years ago, Alan Rendle appeared on the scene of the Upper South Coast Art Association, which was experiencing difficulties with declining membership, apathy and a general lack of direction. He immediately set about promoting the drawing session, which was held before each monthly meeting. This resulted in the skills of those who attended to improve by leaps and bounds.

Alan was charismatic. When he entered the room you were aware of those brilliant blue eyes, taking in everything and everyone - his humour was sparkling and immediate. His approach was very laid back – he was economic with words and he controlled the meetings with skill and diplomacy, bringing out the best in everyone.

He was always promoting something – be it books, videos, websites and exhibitions – anything to increase artistic awareness and appreciation. He never was disparaging about anyone’s work. He encouraged everyone to be the best they could. He was unselfish with his time and he was always at hand to assist with the logistics of organizing and promoting an exhibition or by simply being supportive.

His conscience was socially motivated. He insisted that apart from working for the benefit and upliftment of the Club, it be aware of its moral obligations to help the disadvantaged; a tenant which the club had always subscribed and adhered to. There was no end to the charities that benefited from the Association’s efforts.

Sometimes if he was not chairing the meeting, he would drop in unannounced and let us know what was going on in his life and what the current art trends were. During the last few months of his life, when you could visibly see the ravages of his illness he still remained cheerful – his source of consolation was the picture of his new granddaughter which he circulated with great pride and happiness.

He was an inspiration to anyone who is battling with cancer.

We will remember you Alan, as a man with great charm, courteous and a friend to all. We shall miss your laughter, your dry English wit and above all YOU. To his wife Helen and family we express our condolences.

Rosemary Dickens, Upper South Coast Art Association. Contact email: