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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


(Stable Theatre Chairperson Thuli Dumakude with Pascal Agarason, MD of The Village Restaurant)

The sound of hammers, drills and general renovation fills the air at the Stable Theatre complex as work is underway, leading up to the opening of The Village Restaurant.

The Village Restaurant promises to be a home for everyone, created by a team that has a combined experience of 20 years in the Hospitality, Tourism & Travel industry. The company has run various successful events and is linked to a Tour Operator dealing with international groups travelling to South Africa. Staff members have the capacity to communicate in German, Portuguese, French, Swahili and all 11 South African official languages.

Aiming to attract locals as well as international tourists, The Village promises to be popular for its delicious African traditional dishes.

“In all nations, languages and cultures, food serves as a unifier,” says MD of the company, Pascal Agarason. “In African culture, food has been a common factor of all occasions – the precept to offer food or something to drink to every person who enters our home. Following this ancient custom, The Village will be modest, elaborate, loud, energetic, warm and welcoming.

“The Village is about bringing back those good memories about African cuisine and a wonderful experience,” he continues. “Anyone passionate about divine African food and its visual presentation has not really experienced fine food until they have indulged in a meal with us.”

The outdoor area of the restaurant mixes with the entrance to the theatre, offering convenient dining before or after shows and drinks at intervals. It is also planned to utilise this outdoor space to present traditional Zulu music and dance for international tourists.

“A visit to The Village is an experience of a lifetime, where you discover the African way of life and watch the pulsating traditional dancing with the taste of Zulu beer on your lips and the drumbeat of the Zulus echoing in your ears,” adds Pascal Agarason. “Not only is The Village a culturally-enriching experience for guests where they are afforded the opportunity to learn more about the rich variety of African cultures, but it will also provide the opportunity to purchase African memorabilia. Our wine list includes the best South African wines, with a large selection served by the glass.”

Chairperson of Stable Theatre, Thuli Dumakude, is upbeat about the new addition to the complex: “We welcome The Village Restaurant to Stable Theatre,” she says, “and look forward to a wonderful partnership where Stable Theatre will reach a higher profile through hosting overseas tourists and also provide work for local arts and craft practitioners.”

The Village will be available for daily business lunches. Banqueting, meetings and workshop facilities can be tailor-made to reasonable requirements and the venue can accommodate more than 400 people outdoors.

Contact The Village Restaurant on 072 028 0600 or email: