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Monday, June 20, 2011


(Detail from the poster)

WorkingClass presents an exhibition of photography, skateboard art and film exhibiting skateboard culture in South Africa made possible by Verb and Revolution

WorkingClass' first initiative, Our Lives of Deckadence, is a collection of work celebrating a love for skate boarding by some of South Africa's biggest talents such as Gavin Scott, Craig Scott, Darren Jacoby, Tyrone Bradley, Sam Clark, Brett Shaw, Richard Hart, Skullboy, Tokyo-Go-Go, Christian Mugnai, Bruce Mackay, Warwick Kay, Bryce Louw, Gregory Davies, Alice Edy, Simon Berndt, Trevor Paul, Dustin Holmes, Dos, Graham Patterson, Matt Kay, Paul Senyol, David Chaston, Jean de Wet and other Verb artists.

Our Lives of Deckadence is running until July 2 during working hours at Gallery 415 which is situated at 415 Umgeni Road, Durban, above Spectrum Art & Office. Contact 031 309 6404 or visit