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Friday, August 19, 2011


KZN artist Nicole Pletts will showcase her works alongside that of Makiwa Mutomba and various other artists at the Artsidein Exhibition in Muizenberg.

This will be an exciting exhibition. Nicole Pletts will present a series of male figure studies in the form of swimming pool divers depicted balancing on diving boards and flying high in aerial gymnastics. Makiwa Mutomba will show a lively, colourful series of "happy babies" portraits, all done in his signature, palette-knife, fractured technique.

The exhibition will be held on the upper floor of the beautiful Casa Labia Centre in Muizenberg which was built in 1929 to reflect the spirit of 18th century Venice.

Nicole Pletts started painting in 1997 and has been involved in many Art Groups. These include the Arts Interactive Committee for five years, KWAZUNVA Executive Committee for two years and the KZNSA Council since 2006. She has participated in various group shows and was a finalist in Jabulisa 2006 and in SASOL New Signatures 2009.

“Whilst I am deliberate in constantly being aware of my surroundings, I don't intentionally choose to paint a specific subject,” Nicole Pletts explains. “The subject matter chooses me. It sort of lingers and ignites - and a series is born. With the Diving Series, it was the movement, the "floating" in space and obviously the figures (which are my favourite subject matter) which caught my attention. I painted them in a bold, strong way which lends itself to the fearless and daring way they jump from such heights – and then they float, move, twist and gracefully fall in a vacuum of space."

Makiwa Mutomba was born in 1976 in Zimbabwe. He attended various urban schools around the country until University level. However, in 1999 when he had completed three years of University studies in Electronic Engineering, Makiwa abandoned studies to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Now based in South Africa, he has exhibited at numerous art galleries in South Africa, Germany, London, France, India and USA.

The exhibition runs until October 11. More information on 021 788 6068.