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Monday, August 1, 2011


(Shika Budhoo as one of the characters she plays in the show)

Entertainment couple Shika Budhoo and Dhaveshan Govender are teaming up for their next staging,: Shika-Land!

The production is a one-woman show written and performed by award-winning actress Shika Budhoo. Originally from Verulam, she is the popular voice of Mrs. Singh Song on Lotus Fm’s daily soapie Lollipop Lane. Dhaveshan Govender, who directs the piece, is known for his own pursuits on the stage, acting in productions such as Shear Madness, Shooting and writing and performing in his King Of old Trafford.

Shika-Land! shows the lives of five different women all named Shika! Each Shika allows us a glimpse into ‘her’ world, all the while posing the question "does our name fit our character or does our character fit our name"? These women’s stories promise to take audiences on a rollercoaster of emotion, shedding tears one moment, and roaring with laughter in the next.

Shika-Land! runs at the Playhouse from August 5 to 7 as part of the Playhouse Company’s South African Women’s Arts Festival. Bookings 031 369 9596.