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Friday, September 23, 2011


Three Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design: CFAD students are currently exhibiting at Follow your Art: Contemporary/street culture – a first of its kind exhibition of art and design at the COLLECTIVE in 48a Florida Road.

Follow your Art celebrates the production and cultural influence of youth cultures. Skateboarding, graffiti, comics and design have not only affected fashion, music, literature, and film, they have influenced a generation of young artists who identify with the lifestyle and counter-culture stance of these creative art forms born from the street. In addition to including works in all mediums by more than 50 artists, Follow your Art includes music, album covers, skateboards and “zines” that reveal the spirit and vitality of street culture and its ever expanding influence on the youth of tomorrow.

The three second year CFAD artists who are exhibiting are Alyssa Naicker, Theo Morgan and Tyran Roy who have two pieces each on exhibition.

The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design (CFAD) is a tertiary institution that offers training in fine art, animation (2D and 3D) and graphic design. The CFAD was established in 1994 by world-renowned cartoonist, illustrator and journalist Dr Nanda Soobben. It is from a need in the community that the institution was born. Dr Soobben and a team of dedicated artists and designers have developed the institution into a leading centre of design excellence in Durban.

Follow your Art runs until October 8. More information from Sasha on 031 240 8402.