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Saturday, November 12, 2011


(Linda Vargas and members of her company)

Highly suitable for corporate functions, The Invigorating Experience workshop is facilitated by Linda Vargas, Durban’s well-known and highly respected Flamenco dance specialist.

The Invigorating Experience embraces diversity and the progression of personal development. It focuses on generating team cohesion and strengthening team solidarity while enriching individual awareness and unleashing personal power. Another vital component is the enhancement of effective communications.

“As you experience Linda Vargas’ workshops, you will find the playing field levels and that leadership, teamwork, passion and work ethics take on a new meaning. Linda applies the principles of flamenco ‘stamping and clapping’ as a point of departure from which conventional messages are transformed into powerfully invigorating learning experiences. From there interactive discussions further help to stimulate even deeper insights around the experience. ‘Breaking the routine’ is shown to be energising whilst simultaneously inciting latent creativity. A new perspective is given on the passion and the power of ‘moving together in the same direction’ as the positive implications for your business become openly apparent.” - Shannan Browne – B.A. Industrial Psychology, P.G.C.E. Arts & Culture

Linda Vargas is a visionary motivational facilitator and an expert in communication, dance and education. Her vision is to see people from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures engage with one another in a way that encourages communication and growth. She believes in the inherent potential of people to connect with each other on a profound level that will stimulate both their personal and organisational development in a way that invigorates the passion within them to succeed beyond expectation.

Linda’s talents and experience are vast as she facilitates corporate and educational workshops, performs, teaches and examines flamenco dance both nationally and internationally. She currently lectures at UKZN and writes and presents papers for international conferences. She holds a Masters Degree in Education (full dissertation, cum laude) as well as B.A. Honours in Drama.

The Invigorating Experience workshop also offers a Dinner with Jazz and Flamenco with Flamenco/ jazz guitarist, Demi Fernandez, who provides the musical entertainment during dinner (or when requested). Linda Vargas concludes entertainment with flamenco solo.

The resident guitarist for the Linda Vargas Flamenco Dance Co, Fernandez is South Africa’s leading Flamenco guitarist. He performs throughout South Africa as well as internationally. He is a composer and arranger and currently lectures Jazz in the Department of Music at UKZN.

The workshops costs vary as to the time required: 45 minutes (R3,500); 90 minutes (R4,500), and 180 minutes (R5,500). The combined cost for the entertainment and intervention is R8,000 (excluding travel / accommodation).
More information or bookings through Linda Vargas on 031 201 0750 or 082 321 8065 or email: