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Monday, December 26, 2011

MUSHO! 2012

The Pansa KZN - MUSHO festival of one – two person theatre will run at Catalina Theatre from January 11 to 15 with its usual exciting line-up of new productions.

THE HORSESHOE (Drama): January 11 at 20h00. Performed by Bheki Khabela and Bhekani Shablala, and created with Sduduzo Kawula. The moving story of two young men who make the difficult decision to leave their families and go into exile. After they reach the border, they realise that things are not what they seem and the struggle is almost over. When they return home, their paths diverge and while one man seems to fall into a life of luck, the other is left wondering what passed him by. "Passionate, energetic delivery of a poignant story" Cue. (Duration 55 minutes) Age 14 and up.

COMRADE BABBLE (Satire): January 12 at 20h00. Written and directed by Allan Kolski Horwitz. Performed by Renos Spanoudes and Lebohang Motaung. A political satire inspired by the rise and fall of Brett Kebble, a New South African randlord of mythic proportions, who proved to be one of our most formidable fraudsters, and orchestrated his own murder. The performance sees Kebble/Babble’s return from the dead in order to present the “truth” of his life. (Duration 80 minutes) Age 16 and up.

BIG BOYS DON'T DANCE (Dance/comedy): January 13 at 18h00. Directed by Vanessa Harris and performed by Bradley Searle and Ash Searle. An award-winning comedy play that takes the audience on a wild journey of stereotypical male behaviour and extraordinary, highly entertaining dance routines. This incongruous recipe makes for a unique and fantastic experience that the entire family will enjoy. (Duration 60 minutes) All ages.

MISTERO BUFFO (Satire/ physical theatre): January 13 at 20h00. Written by Dario Fo (translated by Ed Emery), adapted and performed by Andrew Buckland. Buckland brings a wonderful adaptation of Nobel-Prize winner Dario Fo’s controversial work, which combines the grotesque comedy of the Italian medieval performance traditions with razor-sharp contemporary satire. The play criticises the repressions of religious institutions and landowning classes throughout history. (Duration 60 minutes) Age 16 and up.

I-PUPPETi (Children’s theatre): January 14 at 10h00. Written by Clinton Marius, performed by Pume Mthombeni and Shika Budhoo. i-Puppeti is a comic show for primary and pre-primary children, with a vibrant use of the many different types of puppets, including sock, hand, stick, string, shadow and giant puppets. This story teaches children the valuable lessons of self-acceptance, friendship, and how anything is possible if you put your mind to it. (Duration 60 minutes) All ages.

BRU (Physical theatre / comedy): January 14 at 18h00. Written and directed by written and directed by Josh Martin. Performed by Sandi Dlangala and Mikey Frederick von Bardeleben. Bru takes the pursuit of happiness to the surreal levels of the extreme. Join two surfer dudes as they escape the purgatory of the concrete jungle of Jo’burg in search of the freedom of the waves. This fun romp is a high-energy physical theatre fusion with a pair of talented young actors. (Duration 50 minutes) Age 12 and up.

THE SLAP KOEJAWEL & OTHER TIT BITS (Comedy): January 14 at 20h00. Created and performed by Annelisa Weiland and Vanessa Cooke, directed by Robert Whitehead. This absurdly funny and touching play brings two great actresses of stage and television together .The action finds two stressed-out actresses, of a certain age, in a tatty dressing room, preparing for the first preview of a new South African play ... a work not without its problems! Can they pull it off without losing what's left of their marbles? (Duration 55 minutes) Age 14 and up.

MEET BRO SIX-TWO (Drama) January 15 at 14h00. Written and directed by Samson M. Mlambo and performed by Wiseman Mncube. Mentored by Themi Venturas. A hard hitting play that gives insight in to the high rate of unemployment in South Africa. An energetic, intense and intimate physical performance. (Duration 50 minutes) Age 16 and up.

DANCING ON MY GRAVE (Drama): January 15 at 16h00. Created by Malou van Sluis and Denise Lukkenaer, directed by Ferry Spigt. A moving family drama with comic elements that deals with the themes of death, mourning and the role of family in people’s lives. This Dutch play comes fresh from winning Best Production and Best Actress awards at the Festival International de Théâtre in Morocco. (Duration 60 minutes) Age 14 and up

LES PIGEONS (Physical theatre/comedy): January 15 at 18h00. This is Musho! 2012’s closing performance which will be followed by the awards ceremony. Created and performed by Ryan Mayne and Tristan Jacobs. This physical theatre piece takes a startling look into the underground world of ornithological communism, from within the minds of two inpatients. Wit and excellent comic timing characterise this interrogation into the uselessness of military interventions in times of change. (Duration 45 minutes) Age 14 and up.

The MUSHO WITH A TWIST component of the festival takes place on January 15 and features three Double-Bills from the Twist Theatre Development Project:
TWIST 1 (January 15 at 12h00): Life in Pictures (Drama) Created by Uthando Lwabaqulusi with Bheki Mkhwane; based on an original script by Themba Mkhoma. A journalist uncovers a deadly secret that exposes a criminal gang-lord. His faithful henchman has no choice but to turn on the man who he thought was his protector. (Duration: 30 minutes) Ages 14 and up.
Township Life (Drama) Created by the Ubuntubesizwe Theatre Group with Jerry Pooe, based on an original script by Ayanda Mkhize. A vibrant song and dance performance that looks at life in the township of KwaMashu. (Duration 30 minutes) Ages 14 and up.

TWIST 2: (January 15 at 14h00). Milk Factory (Drama). Created by Emuhle All Artists with Bongani Baai and Debbie Lutge; based on an original script by Simphiwe Vikalahle. Lies, deception and dynamite: This is a tale of people adapting to a way of life that is not what they are used to. How do we deal with change when it is an unstoppable force? (Duration 30 minutes) Ages 14 and up.
A Bull Called Bhahlangane (Drama) Created by Big Brotherhood productions with Neil Coppen and Edmund Mhlongo. The story of brothers who come together for their father’s funeral. A tale of corruption, power and brotherly love, all focused around the father’s prize bull, Bhahlangane. (Duration 30 minutes) Ages 14 and up.

TWIST 3: (January 15 at 16h00). Strokes of Society (Drama) Created by Siyakha Performing Artists with Themi Venturas; based on an original script by Zwai Mgigima. A moving tale of a father and daughter who is not his own child. This story brings together many of the tragic consequences of society’s anti-social behaviours including, rape, abuse, and HIV and AIDS. (Duration 30 minutes) Ages 14 and up.
Seed (Drama). Created by Umsindo theatre Group and Vice Motshabi; based on an original script by Amy Jephta. A father leaves his family to work in the city – he comes back with a strange fruit which his wife plants ... so that the whole family can feed from the tree. This allegorical tale explores the notion of migrant labour and HIV and AIDS. (Duration 30 minutes) Ages 14 and up.

MASTERCLASS (January 16 from 09h30 until 12h00). Physical theatre performer Tristan Jacobs will conduct a master-class for actors at The BAT centre. Charge R30 (PANSA members free) Booking essential on 031 201 4750.

All Musho Festival performances are at the Catalina Theatre. Tickets for all shows R50 (R30 PANSA paid-up members as well as OAPS and children under 12). Special R100/day all-day ticket on Saturday and Sunday. Contact Catalina Theatre on 031 305 6889

For more information, and daily reviews, see the Musho website on

This years festival is supported by PANSA KZN, the Daily News, Business and Arts South Africa (BASA), the Ethekwini Municipality, and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and The KZN Department of Arts and Culture through Twist Theatre Development Projects.