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Sunday, September 16, 2012


("Vessels II" - oil on canvas by Roz Cryer)

Body, Vessel, Archetype is a solo exhibition of paintings, sewn works, ceramic vessels and more by Roz Cryer, due to open at artSPACE-durban shortly.

“For my vessels I have used porcelain as, for me, it requires more time and patient attention than other clays,” Cryer explains. “A reminder for me to slow down and to enjoy and appreciate the journey/process. When fired, it is at once strong and yet fragile. Unglazed it reminds me of bone. The mendhi patterns that I have used to decorate the porcelain hint at celebration and blessings.

“For my oil paintings,” Cryer continues, “I have used unmounted highly decorative and embroidered canvases with the aim of integrating both aesthetically and metaphorically what I paint and the surfaces on which I paint. As with previous work, the fabrics on which I paint allude to the observation that often times both paintings and concepts are rarely painted on blank canvases but are laid down on cultural fabrics that alter or impact our perceptions.”

Body, Vessel, Archetype runs from September 24 to October 13.

Also running at artSPACE durban – in the Middle Gallery - is an exhibition by Rob Mills, Peter McKenzie, Matthew Ovendale and Wayne Reddiar. This is a group show producing work that intersects with the public and urban sphere -

artSPACE durban is situated at 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Road) close to the Waste Centre. More information on 031 312 0793 or visit or