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Friday, October 19, 2012


Creative director and theatre producer Stallone Santino of Prompt Side Productions is to present a psychological thriller, Rituale Romanum: The Strange Case of Anneliese, which promises to bring a provocative drama to the South African stage that will leave audiences questioning their beliefs.

Anneliese Michel’s story has generated mass controversy among the church and medical professionals regarding bizarre encounters that many have considered to be demonic possession. Others opposed this notion, concluding that Anneliese was suffering from a rare medical condition. Rituale Romanum presents the story of Anneliese Michel on stage in 2013, based on true life events.

Anneliese’s saga began with mere convulsions in her school, which developed into demonic hallucinations. She started hearing voices telling her that she was damned. After several visits to medical experts, it was considered that Anneliese was suffering from depression and it was determined that Anneliese was considering suicide. While costs impacted negatively on her parents, and failure in medication, Anneliese’s parents were convinced that exorcisms were the apt route in healing her.

The play explores the horrific encounters and exorcisms performed on her along with a hard-hitting and emotionally moving court case that grapples with the arguments of science and religion still present in society today.

Rituale Romanum will debut at the 2013 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and Prompt Side Productions is looking for a creative team to bring this story to life.

Auditions will be held at the Hexagon Studio Theatre in Pietermaritzburg on October 26 at 15h00. Auditionees need to prepare a three minute monologue (no comedy) of their choice.

For more information contact Prompt Side Productions on 072 398 7193 or email: