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Sunday, November 11, 2012


An exhibition titled Currency opens at Gallery 415 on November 15 featuring the works of artists Pascale Chandler, Dee Donaldson, Louise Jennings, Jeannie Kinsler, Grace Kotze and Janet Solomon.

Pascale Chandler’s work is reminiscent of the 16th-century Netherlands painter Pieter Brueghel – teetering towards the peculiar but never at the expense of superlative technique, rich, convincing and self assured brush strokes, deceptive in their simplicity and magnificent in their creation of the illusion of three dimensionality – arguably, a timeless and trustworthy definition of masterly realist painting.

Dee Donaldson's extraordinary talent for portraiture allows her to use realism in conjunction with modern illustrations and unusual techniques. She masterfully utilises mood and expression combined with surreal imagery and colour to produce fascinating, thought provoking images.

Louise Jennings recognises yet does not copy the structure and realism of the Flemish and Dutch Romanticists. Highly worked and deeply considered, her uniformly-centralised compositions evoke calm and sanctity, perhaps even a reverence and religiosity for her craft which cannot be faulted. Iconographic in their roots, crisp, minimal and modern in their completion they are a collector’s and decorator’s dream.

Jeannie Kinsler uses the evocative play of light, luminous and fleeting. She confidently approaches reflections, factual and yet fragmented, often exploring the human form and 'collected' objects, her work is stylish, calming, cool and serene.

Grace Kotze's work is motivated by the challenge of fusing the emotional intent with visual and technical concerns. In order to produce works of integrity she paints from an emotional point of reference. She masterfully utilises imagery on an autobiographical level, documenting both her internal and external vision. She paints places and people from her everyday life, using the familiar as a direct link to an emotive sense of self.

Solomon's technique is one conscious of mark-making and layering, willing the viewer closer, delaying their looking engaging them with the surface. Her work is marked by a sense of loss of some precious quality in the world or self. She explores notions of connectedness beyond the self, and the absence that comes from a lack of being-in-relation between human identity and nature.

Currency opens at Gallery 415 on November 15 at 18h00. Gallery 415 is situated at 415 Umgeni Road in Durban. More information on 031 309 6401 or visit