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Saturday, November 24, 2012


The visual arts magazine, The SA Artist, is celebrating its 1st birthday with the release of issue no 7 (Nov/Dec 2012).

“One year and counting ... We began this magazine because we saw the need for a publication in which South African artists could share their stories and techniques,” says Linda Hodnett of The SA Artist. “In the past six issues we have featured over 30 artists whose careers in art serve as inspiration to others. The support from our readers has been overwhelming, with our subscription and distribution lists growing daily.

“In this, our birthday issue, we mark this celebration with an exciting competition in which one of our readers is featured on the cover of the magazine and rewarded with a generous prize provided by our sponsors,” she continues. “The competition was fierce with over 1,200 entries being received.”

Wim Rautenbach demonstrates his unusual approach to landscape painting and Willie Jacobs ends his portrait series with detailed instructions on how to paint hair. For the youngsters there is a demonstration on manga drawing by Rob Hooper.

Other featured artists are Shelagh Price, Floris van Zyl, Wakaba Mutheki and Greg Schultz.

“How to read an oil paint tube” explains the technical jargon found on tubes; and there are ten tips for artists to look after their finances. John Smith provides a critical look at the role of art groups and there is the second installment on the burning issue of copyright in South Africa.

Take a break from painting, put your feet up and test yourself with the Quick Art Quiz.

More information on the magazine or how to subscribe visit or contact Linda Hodnett on 031 765 1574 or email