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Friday, November 30, 2012


(Verushka Pather)

The acclaimed South Africa dance-drama production Sri Krishna Leela will tour seven Indian cities in December. Written and directed by Verushka Pather, artistic director of Natya Ananda Temple of Dance, it has played to appreciative audiences across Southern Africa. 

The production is set to elegant verses drawn from the Srimad Bhagavatam and the Bhagavad Gita.  Its storylines revolves around the playful pranks of Sri Krishna. It also features compelling Bharat Natyam sequences especially choreographed to bring out the richness in the poetry and religious texts.

“The tour is supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and features dancers from India and South Africa,” said Verushka Pather who also acknowledged the generous support of the ICCR in promoting South African artists to Indian audiences. “This has been a wonderful journey to share our work and experiences as dances from South Africa and the Tharanginee School of Dance, Chennai. Krishna Leela is a vibrant display of colour, emotion, radiance and the blissful experience of Love for God through Dance. We are grateful to ICCR and the KZN Department of Art & Culture for affording us this great opportunity and for their vision for Arts in our country and internationally.”

The performances will start on December 13 at ISKCON in Chennai and then move to Goa, Delhi, Vrindavan, Mumbai and end at the Shilpagram Festival, Udaipur on December 26.

The company includes Verushka Pather; Hariganesh Muralidaran; Smagele Magudulela; Anita Venkatesh; Indu Seshadhri; Kalpana Sivaramakrishnan; Visweswara Krupaa Lakshmi; Uthra Shankaran; Jananai Vignarajan and Seetha Venkatadri. They will be accompanied by sound, light & prop technician, Vijay Saravanan.

For more information contact ICCR New Delhi on 011 233 70471 or Verushka Pather on 083 360 0037 or email: or visit