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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Fourteen arts and business partnerships from across South Africa now have the added value of a BASA Supporting Grant.

The latest round of grants once again underscores the diversity of arts projects in South Africa – as well as the multi-faced forms that the all-important arts and business partnerships can take.

“The supporting grants not only aid arts organisations by enhancing their budget, but also continue to strengthen an extraordinary relationship” says Carol Mokwena, who heads up the Supporting Grant Process at BASA.

Unlike a conventional grant scheme, the BASA Supporting Grant scheme was created with the very specific goal of developing business sponsorship of the arts. Grants are only awarded to specifically add value to an already existing relationship between an arts project and a business (or several businesses).

Amongst the successful projects that met these requirements was the Madlokovu Youth Development Foundation’s Artist Incubator and Development Project, based in KwaZulu-Natal.

The current round of recipients also includes a literary event – the Knysna Literary Festival which made the application with sponsor Pam Golding Properties and has, as one of its aims, the stimulation of literacy amongst the town’s children. The Cape Town Carnival Trust has received a grant for the annual, widely supported Cape Town Carnival. The application was made with an array of sponsors - Naspers, M-Net, DSTV, City of Cape Town and the Provincial Arts and Culture, once again showcasing how different sponsors can come together to make an application with an arts project.

The BASA Supporting Grants are open to any arts project or arts practitioner working with an appropriate business sponsor to ensure their project is financially viable. Once this is in place, the BASA Supporting Grant can be applied for, with the specific intention of adding value to the business that has come on board in support of the arts in South Africa. This can be through the form of using the grant for marketing and publicity, developing an education programme to go along with the project, extending the run of a project that carries the sponsoring business’s name - and many other options.

To apply for a BASA Supporting Grant, both the arts applicant and the sponsor must complete the application forms, which are designed to encourage the two partners to work together and identify areas of potential benefit – and are now available in English, isiZulu and seSotho. Business and Arts South Africa allocates funds to the project once it has assessed how the partnership benefits both the sponsor and the recipient. Applications must be made at least 12 weeks before the start of a project.

In addition, successful partnerships are also encouraged to enter the 2013 Business Day BASA Awards, supported by Anglo American.

Closing date for the next cycle is January 17, 2013. For application forms and guidelines log on to

NB:  BASA offices will be closed until January 7, 2013.For more information on BASA’s supporting grants please email or contact Carol Mokwena on or 011 447 2295.