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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Actor, singer, dancer and voice artist Drummond Marais died yesterday (Christmas Day, December 25) in Johannesburg.

Born on October 17, 1950, in what was then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Marais graduated from Que Que High School Rhodesia in 1968 and from The Teachers' College in Bulawayo in 1974.

He painted from the age of 6, studied it whilst in college and taught art as a subject in schools.  He is still linked on
Drummond's extensive and highly successful career positioned him as a major roleplayer in the South African theatre industry. He appeared on stage, radio and screen in numerous roles thanks to his versatility.
Durban audiences will remember him for the many productions he appeared in for the Natal Performing Arts Council (now the Playhouse Company), particularly Geoffrey Sutherland’s ground breaking trilogy: Candide, Sweeney Todd and Sweet Charity and his Queen productions.

On his Facebook page, Drummond comments: “I've been in SHOWBIZ since the age of 6 - (am now 61, go figure!!) - having explored an 'mastered' virtually every medium within the 'performing arts'! I've lived as an openly PROUD GAY man for over 30 years. I have a wonderful relationship with my son Matthew (now 35) and claim to have been one of the first 100 gay men in this country to have exerted his 'human right' to legal marital status with a member of the same sex. I am a very contented 61 yr old!”

In 2005, Drummond Marais married Gary Pitt who broke the news on Facebook today: I am writing to confirm that at 13:50 yesterday (Christmas) Drum finally let go. He is finally singing and flying to his heart's content with many that he has loved, I am sure. Please do not be sad, he specifically wanted that. All the rest he asked for has been done. He was totally at peace, he was safe and sound in his own bed at home and he had no pain.”

Detailed tribute to follow.