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Friday, January 18, 2013


(Shika Budhoo and Mpume Mthombeni)

Mpume Mthombeni and Shika Budhoo follow a story about the final days of South Africa. (Review by Philisiwe Sithole)

The second day of Musho International Theatre Festival which pays a special attention to one and two handers, kicked off with Twelve written and directed by Dhaveshan Govender in collaboration with the cast, Mpume Mthombeni and Shika Budhoo.

Twelve is about two colleagues: a reporter and a photographer on a journey following up on a story. They only have a map, a compass and a bottle of water as they look for salvation through the final days of South Africa.

The show begins with two characters running on a spot, heavily breathing, indicating that they have been running for a very long time, they are running in the Kalahari without an end. They break out into multiple different characters as they explain how the world is ending. Every blackout invites a new character which creates a through line of the story and a clear view of how people analyse the end of South Africa. Each character plays a significant role in the story.

The direction of the play does not bring out the best potential of the cast. For a good comedy, a combination of comic timing and acting is essential and this is not fully delivered in Twelve. Soundscapes were deafening and destructive and some of the scenes were slow, thereby working in opposition to the soundscapes. The script needs to be less fragmented to allow more flow in order to become a better satire.

Having said that, Twelve is an enjoyable show which kept the audience entertained. Mpume Mthombeni and Shika Budhoo are beautiful comical performers, powerful and talented. They both understand the nuances of character and fully embodied their roles. I enjoyed their performances.

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