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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Final auditions for lead roles in local production Botoo will take place at The Playhouse Company on February 27.

The search is on for the male and female leads in the play Botoo to be staged by The Playhouse Company in August as part of the South African Women’s Arts Festival. The play, to mark the publication of the book, SA Women of Indian Origin by Dr Devi Rajab, is written and directed by Ronnie Govender.

- Gonum (central character) – Indian, female, late 40’s, medium build, slim, throaty, ready laugh, extrovert, politically conscious, preferably curly black hair.

- Writer – Indian, male, mid-30’s, preferably full head of hair, confident, ready sense of humour, politically conscious.

Dr Gonum was very prominent in the struggle against apartheid and was one of the foremost leaders of the Passive Resistance Movement but she was also known as a feisty, no-nonsense person who bravely stood up for her rights as a woman at a time of great conservatism, especially within the Indian community.

Each person auditioning must bring a biography and photograph to the audition. They also need to prepare a soliloquy no more than two minutes long.

The auditions will take place on February 27 from 13h00 at The Playhouse Company Head Office, 29 Acutt Street Durban, in rehearsal studio A1.

All persons wishing to audition must contact Zinhle Nala on 031 369 9460 / by 16h00 on February 25 2013 to book an audition slot.