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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


(James May)

Series 1 of James May’s Things You Need to Know premieres on the BBC Knowledge (channel 184 on DStv) on February 28 at 21h00 and will continue every Thursday at the same time.

In this authoritative science series, James May answers the questions we would all love to know the answers to, such as “how big was the Big Bang?”, “Is there life on Mars?” and “When will we be able to travel in time?”

In episode one, James looks at the human body and realises that it’s by far the most impressive vehicle he has come across (he’s one of the three presenters on the popular Top Gear series). He discovers why we catch colds, why we get hangovers and what we will look like a thousand years from now – and the answers will make you look at your body in a whole new light.

Episode two is all about the universe and where it all came from. James aims to get to the bottom of everything, from white dwarfs to black holes. In episode three, he finds out more about why the sky is blue, what a cloud is, and how you can avoid being struck by lightning.

Each episode reveals facts that are fascinating, surprising and sometimes downright bizarre while archive footage, animation and motion graphics provide entertaining and informative viewing.